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How Do I Survive in a Community of Mean People?

Are you proud that you are a mean person?

Just when do mean people stop?

I have been wondering when do mean people stop bullying a person. Would they stop if that person is dead?

Mean people are all around us, and they comes in different sizes, shape and age.

I had my share of horror moments with mean people

How did I manage to deal with mean people?

To be honest, I wanted to fight back but what good would it do

Whatever opinion they have, they would fight to death to let people know that their opinion is right
I am not perfect, I have my flaws and all but if there is one thing that I know of; life is short
So, how did I deal with mean people?

I would rather avoid mean people than be like them. It’s hard but considers them as Casper and look pass them. I could sit with them on the same table and not see them, for they are someone who doesn’t exist because they emits negative aura.

I ignore them. I don’t fight back but it doesn’t mean that I am afraid; I value my time and they are not worthy of it.

I let them show the world what kind of person they are, a righteous bastard who’s afraid of what I have accomplished.

Mean people target those who are active, stay still and they will not prey on you.

Mean people love spotlight, they love attention; and to get that attention they need to show how righteous they are.

Ignore mean people for they have secrets to hide and the best way to hide them is to get someone look foolish and stupid.

Mean people hurt others because they want to hide their own flaws

Don’t respond to their insult for that’s the only weapon they know.

Mean people will attack with the negative knowledge about you for they are afraid of what sets you apart.

So, stand firm and live your life to the fullest

That is; knowing you can live your life the way they can never be, a happy one.

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