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Why Give Chocovit to your Child

Chocovit recently invite mommy bloggers and their kids in a Halloween theme party for a get together

Through songs, and presentation; mommies got to know more about the Chocovit Syrup Multivitamins with Zinc

We parent know just how hard it is for our kids to drink their vitamins but with Chocovit, everything comes easy

Here are the reasons why

  • Chocolatey flavor

The chocolate flavor in Chocovit is hypoallergenic and therefore doesn’t cause coughing

  • Benefits of Chocovit

One of Chocovit’s strongest suit is its B-complex formulation. Chocovit’s unique formulation contribute to a wide range of crucial functions which includes

A healthy nervous system

Proper focus

Supports memory

Emotional calmness and sleep

Promotes growth and strong bones

Strong heart for growing children

Increases oxygen uptake and production of red blood

Support of the immune system

Maintaining a healthy skin

  • Chocovit has Zinc

Zinc is one of the most important trace element our body needs it is in Chocovit. Zinc is also given during diarrhea and aids in creating a healthy digestive environment

  • Chocovit has Vit D3

The sunshine vitamin that’s Vit. D3 and Chocovit has it. Truly growing children need a supplement of Vitamin D3.

  • Chocovit has Vit A

Healthy eyes, strong lungs, immune support and lovely skin, these are what Vitamin A can give to our child.  Drinking Chocovit is better than having them eat a half cup of carrot everyday

  • Chocovit has Vit E

A powerful anti-oxidant, Vitamin is touted to fight free radicals in very potent manner. It is good for the heart, skin, hair, immune system, brain and ever lowers cancer risks

For more information about chocovit, visit their facebook account

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