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Confession of a Tiger Mom

Today, as I see what my children have accomplish; I ask myself if I had done the right thing in the past.

Just like any other mom, I love my children and would do anything just to make sure that I could provide a bright future for them. There’s no book that could teach us how to be a perfect mother and how to prepare ourselves to be a good mother.
I was thinking back then, that the reason I want to finish college and have a good job is so that; I could give my children a life they deserve. A life that is different from mine. I want my children to have a roof in their head, a comfortable bed when they sleep and eat meals on the right time and be able to have a decent lifestyle.
But, I question myself; does providing everything my children needs can prepare them for the future.

This is my life story as a mom, a tiger mom.

Good school
I believe that a good foundation is essential to a child’s future. We may not be rich, but a good part of our income goes to our children education. Other says that, if a child is bright, no matter what school they went, they will come out ahead of their class.
They may be right, but I believe that a bright child with a proper education background would also be a wise decision .  Honestly, we did had some financial problems but we opt to continue enrolling them in good school.

When my children were enrolled, part of the school requirements was extra-curricular activities. There were numerous activities to choose from, from sports to music lessons. We choose to enroll them in the violin lesson. I saw this picture posted in the wall, where a group of kids perform in Dusit Hotel during Christmas season.
My children were in kinder 1 at that time and kids who performs are in grade 3 already. Thinking of long term for my children at that time.
When my children wished to play the piano, we allowed them to enrolled on that class but they should not stop playing the violin.
The same goes when they were enrolled to a ballet class and art class as well, they have to do everything. For a week, they have 2 lessons on violin, 3 lessons on ballet, 1 lesson on piano and 1 lesson on drawing.
They do these lessons after school. My children don’t went out of the house to play
They play inside the house, on their computer. They play educational games on their free time.

My children uses school bus or their dad would fetch them from school. We have a car back then. One day, when my children ride a jeepney with me; they don’t know how to pay and say para to the driver. They don’t know how to ride a jeepney and that was not good.
I stop the school bus service and accompany them to school using a taxi, then FX and then jeep and tricycle as well.
St Paul College Pasig is two rides from our house.
I usually come with them a couple of times and let them travel on their own. I take precautions by noting down the number of the cab. The guard on the school also takes note of the vehicle when they come home. My eldest was in grade four by that time and my youngest was in grade 1.
I know it sounds crazy but I need to train them young

Learn the Art of Earning
I and my mom have a stall in Divisoria and I usually bring my children with me especially during Christmas season and let them experience how to sell goods in Divisoria. Our customers thought that they are from US since they speak English when transacting. I want them to experience how it is to earn a living so that they would appreciate what they have.

These are just some of the situations that my children experience  and I hope that even though it may sounds crazy; I also hope that it help them to be street smart and it somehow helps them on what they are today.
Do you think I'm crazy?
Have  Idone it right?

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