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Reasons Why Visit Play at Okada Manila

Do you still remember how we used to play when we were kids?

Those were the days when we learn to use our slippers for the tumbang preso. Do you remember how high your jump is with the luksong kalabaw?
Play is the best exercise and we had lots of fun doing it.

Ung dami ng tulo ng pawis at saya that we get when we play, those were the days na really feel that we were just kids

Play at Okada Manila recently opened its door to us moms to get a chance to try and let our children experience the Play

I was one of the moms who were able to visit Play at Okada Manila and there are aa lot of interesting features inside that our children would enjoy

Here are the reasons why you should visit Play

Inspired approach to creative learning

Just when you thought you’ve seen and experienced basically everything that established play spaces in the metro can offer, along comes a new “play arena” that promises a lot more for your children than just a fun-filled playday. 

PLAY at Okada Manila goes beyond with a full line of dedicated learning programs aimed at enhancing the holistic development of children. 

PLAY’s management team is led by certified expert coaches and licensed teachers trained to provide guests the highest standard of care and fun learning. 

There are SPED teacher that are qualified and licensed to can assist children with special needs and those who are physically handicap

The facility offers dedicated learning programs designed to address the developmental needs of children, which include: (1) Colors and Creations, An arts and crafts program designed to develop creativity and imagination by improving the use of fine motor skills through detailing, color coordination and artistic impression plus work behavior like sitting tolerance, focus and concentration; (2) Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, a program aimed at enhancing the child’s development as they explore the world around them.  This also includes sessions for caregivers to stay updated and improve their communication, child-minding and domestic engineering skills, as well as one-on-one sessions for specific academic tutorial (e.g., math, science, and reading) and special needs therapy (i.e., occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy); (3) Music and Movement, which help harness and showcase the natural talent of kids through group sessions focused on dance, music, and the performing arts; and (4) Life Skills, where kids are trained on classes that focus on practical matters, such as social graces, good housekeeping, creative writing skills, anti-bullying, natural remedies, aromatherapy, and personal nutrition.   

All-out fun for kids, tweenies, and teens

“We know for a fact that allowing children to play, explore, and interact with other children, either in a free or structured manner, rewards them with a lot more beyond just a few moments of fun,” adds Vikki Aquino, Director of Spa, Fitness and Recreation.  “That’s basically the idea we had for PLAY.  We want to have a space where they can learn, grow, and understand more of the world around them, all while they are having fun and simply being the kids that they are.”

PLAY is designed to become a multi-functional platform that addresses the recreation and learning needs of kids aged 1-16 years old.  

PLAY boasts of eight (8) purpose-built play areas that will reward kids with the fun and adventure they crave for, no matter what age they are in.

There’s the Wizard’s Den, an interactive video game space where kids use gestures to defeat mythical creatures; Mini Steps & Mini Me, a dedicated play and learning space for children aged 0-3 years old; Little Town, which allows children hands-on play in a banking, postal, school, grocery and home environment to gain valuable learning and practical experience of every day grown-up life; Little Park, a two-level playground and maze where toddlers can spend their limitless energy and explore their physical strength; Sports Zone, an active zone with artificial grass court for sports games; Janguru, a multi-level playground and maze for kids over 110 centimeters;  The Stage, where kids can unleash their inner performer and cultivate their singing, dancing, acting, and public speaking skills; and My Party Place, a gaming and events space that can host birthday parties, corporate events, team-building activities, or any special occasion.

The facility, which can be accessed via the Coral Wing lobby of Okada Manila, can accommodate up to 300 guests at a given time.  It will also have several other features, like child-friendly comfort rooms, an emergency response team composed of first-aid qualified PLAY coaches and marshals, a snack bar, a kiddie gift shop, and over 30 closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras to ensure that kids will have all the fun they want within a convenient, safe, and secure environment.
The area is handicap ready

This pole is design so that teacher can easily access the playroom from their office in case of emergency

Every child grows and develops at a pace that’s uniquely their own.  See them fulfill early life milestones while they slide down giant chutes, conquer padded obstacle courses, put basketballs through a hoop, play pretend grocery shopping with other kids their age, and sing and dance to their hearts delight at PLAY, Okada Manila’s latest play space and multifunctional learning arena.

Play Schedule

from 10 am to 10 pm, Sunday to Thursday
from 10 am to 12 midnight, Friday to Saturday

Visit Okada Manila’s official website at and take the first big step towards enjoying purposeful learning and activities for your young warriors at PLAY



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