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Moms Little Big Helper: What Household Chores Can a Seven Year Old Do?

I thought that I am done with kids, hahahaha; what a joke?

I’m not complaining, I miss kids running around the house or there would be someone who will greet you upon arriving home or someone who will accompany me  when I  go out.

Originally, I have 5 kids of my own.  yes, my flesh and blood but since they have a life of their own; I decided to become a foster parent.

Dhandrew come into my life when he was just five years old and even though he was not related to me in any way; I become so fond of him.

Fast forward; Dhandrew is now seven years old. Just like any other kids, he wants to play; watch TV and other stuff a kid would love to do.

Dhandew is the first boy that we had and then came Gabriel and then we got a twin boy several months ago.

It’s a happy house but a ramble as well since there are more things to do and take care of

Dhandrew being the eldest at seven , need to learn a few tricks on his sleeves.

While children now a day becomes more and more bound to internet, social media and phones and uses a sense of entitlement instead of responsibility; I as a foster parent has a responsibility to guide him

As much as we love our children , we also need to teach them to become responsible adults as well. Our goal is not just them learning something but to have them learn important life skills  while learning as well to be responsible,  perseverance, patience.

What’s nice about Dhandrew is , he is now the little big helper in the house. At seven years old, Dhandrew  has his own task at home.

Here are some of the household chores that Dhandrew can do but not on a regular basis

Throwing of trash

Every seven o’clock in the evening, he goes out and wait for the truck that pick up the neighborhood trash. We make sure that he knows where to stand as to not get hit by cars and we always make sure that he safe.

Folding Wash Clothes

He folds his clothes like shirt and pants plus the socks

Sweeping the Floor

He can now sweep the floor and he’s very good at it

Taking Care of the Babies

He is capable of carrying the babies and we make sure that there is an older one with them. It is also their bonding moment together.

Cleaning the Table

When he eats with his siblings, they know that they nee to clean the table and put the dishes on the sink

Washing of Dishes

Dhandrew can wash small dishes like the glass and small to medium plates as well, we take of the big ones.

We are happy that at seven years old, Dhandrew know how to help around the house. He may sometimes be grumpy or complain a bit but still he stills do it and we are happy that we can rely on him on things

Just as we rely on Dhandrew, we also rely on the things that we use on our home. For washing of dishes, we use Bubble Man dishwashing liquid. Bubble Man has three variants, the lemon, Kalamansi and the Antibac. You can purchase it at  32.50 for the 270 ml and  70.00 for the 880 ml. ( depends on the supermarket where you purchase it)

Of all the three variants, I like the anti bac ; the most. Since we have babies with us, we want to make sure that we are bacteria free.  We have kids and babies in the house and they too use the utensils and dishes as well. Pans and Pots that are greasy are easy problems with the Bubble Man.

Bubble Man is also a one stop cleaning tool for us since we also use it in cleaning the sink, floor and bathroom.  With the Anti-Bac variants ,we feel safer  plus the ingredients is so gentle on skin that we let Dhandrew uses it as well. There is no allergies or irritations on his skin that he is happy to do the washing.

Things we love about Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid

Its biodegradable

Its gentle on skin

Its affordable and its available nationwide on all leading supermarket.

For updates and other promos, check out Bubble Man Facebook account

What can your seven old children do at home?

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