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A4tech V-track : The New Level in Mouse Technology

Mouse and keyboard, the modern way gadget to complete our pc accessories or laptop.  A4tech is the brand that comes on my mind, for it is known for affordability and quality. A purchaser and a mother like me always bear that in mind.

A4Tech takes its mouse to another level. In celebration of its 10th year in business, Lenotech Corporation launch the a4tech V-track that will change your opinion with much far the technology has evolve with regards to efficiency and usage.

Just for info, V-Track is the groundbreaking technology that utilizes vertical incident light instead of the regular slanted light. It works perfectly on most materials. With V-Track technology, the mouse cursor control is so precise that it works on any surface; it is the first mouse that really makes all mouse pads obsolete. Just imagine the feeling of not using your mouse pad that keeps on missing in its place.

A4 Tech V-Track resolves the regular mouse's adaptability problems of sluggish or standstill cursor when working on glossy, uneven or multi-color surfaces. It applies shorter light paths and offers high efficiency in power consumption.

And so, with the surface adaptability tests, the result shows that A4Tech V-track technology adapts on the following surfaces:

  • Slightly-dust glass
  • Marble
  • Bed
  • Leather
  • Fur

I’m happy to tell that  a4tech V-track comes with five advantages

  1. Short light path: lower power consumption
  2. Vertical reinforced light ensures perfect precision
  3. Cursor moves smoothly on soft 3D fabrics
  4. Incomparable adaptability on all surfaces
  5. Tiny lens aperture prevents dust accumulation

Talking with the people behind the launch of A4tech V-track, here’s just what they say:

“With V-Track, we managed to break the last barrier of optical engineering. Our cutting-edge mouse will raise the bar for the technology and will in turn, provide the best user-experience to the customers,” says A4tech CEO and founder Robert Cheng.

“We are privileged to have the V-track as part of our portfolio especially with its cutting edge features that will surely revolutionize the way we use the mouse. Moreover, this latest addition intensifies our capabilities in providing our end-customers with the best technologies available in the market,” says Lenotech Corporation Managing Director Elvin Cokai.

And for those gamers out here, they have F3 model made just for you.

A4tech V-track Mouse is available in leading IT resellers nationwide

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