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Breaking the Bread at Julie's Bakeshop

It has been a habit of Pinoy that when hunger strikes us we immediately look for solution.  The most inconvenient time and place, we always go for the ready to eat food. We want it to be practical and affordable. Naturally breads have always been our target to feed our empty stomach so we look for bakeries.
We want to make sure that even we have limited budget, we still get the best quality and service. Bread needs to be fresh and satisfying. There are times when food just seems to fill our stomach but the feeling of satisfaction is out of the question.

If ever I do crave for bread, I don’t just go to some bakery that just sprout like mushroom in the neighborhood. Julie’s Bakeshop has been around for thirty years now and I can be sure to have the freshest bread I could possible can. The bakeries make sure that their bread would only last for eight hours. That bread that has reached their time limit has to be dispose for quality is one thing Julies Bakeshop is proud of. Only the highest standard ingredients are use to be sure that every penny spent to purchase is worth it. They value every customer that comes to their store that they made sure that there are varieties of bread are available for choosing. The bread cost as low as Five Pesos and Special Loaf ranges from 50 to 60 Pesos.

The bread is baked on site. The well trained staffs are equipped with skills and knowledge to prepare the best bread they can offer. You cannot also question the sanitation on each bakery, for they make sure that all baker worn proper uniform.

The Latest BreadLoaf Julie's Bakeshop develop for it's loyal customer
In connection with their 30th anniversary, Julie’s Bakeshop takes this commitment for the long haul with continuing strategic improvements I various business aspect. You might notice that they have a new company logo. Each bold stroke represents boundless opportunities. Continuous product development were there to satisfy the craving for more bread offering and improvement of classic favorites

With regards to the new transformation of each outlet. Julie’s Bakeshop now have a dining area where in customer can relax while enjoying their merienda or “pamatid gutom” as we call them. The company always makes sure that every franchise gets their monies worth. They were supported with well trained Business Development Officers who supervise them form time to time to make sure that each bread maintains its standard.

This people know what they are talking about, cause for just mere looking to the bread, they know if they passed the quality. Don’t be little these people for they are trained from scratch, from preparing the ingredients till it’s bake.

Good news to everyone. Starting today July 21-24 at World Trade Center, the 10th Franchise Filipino Show was ongoing. You might want to drop by at Julie’s Bakeshop Booth to learn more.
Investing is a big move for everyone. We want to make sure that our hard earn money could be put in a good and wise use. Every investment has its pro and cons, but Julie’s will make sure that they are at your side every step of the way.

Here is some reason why you should join the country’s number one bakeshop.

  • You will have their full support and will get the expertise like no other with regards to operation , training and site verification

  • Your outlet will be included in their year long advertisement, PR, cyber and promotional efforts
  • The strong partnership with industry leaders like Selecta, Coca-cola and Purefoods Tender Juicy to name a few.
  • You will have dedicated team of Research and Development that churns out quality, profitable and innovative products that answer the dynamic needs of the market
  • They have a track record to prove the satisfaction of their franchisee.

For an initial Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Franchise Fee, you will be able to start to join this business.

For more information and details, you may call them at 642-2218/6437455

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