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Pfizer and ClubPk Fight Together against Pneumonia

Big Bikes, Rough Rider, Always a Pack, sounds familiar.

What started as a regular ride with a couple of friends who meets every weekend became what is know today as the CLUBPK Motorcycle Association Incorporated?  To date, ClubPK has 50 riders from Metro Manila, Laguna and Batangas consisting of an ex super bike race and both veteran and newbie riders.
After five years, their group will now be known for something else, something important. CLUBPK now will touch every child lives in the country. Together with Pfizer, leading pharmaceutical company will have one mission- to save the lives of thousands of Filipino children.

ClubPK will be the forefront carrier of all the vaccines that will be delivered in the far-flung areas in the country. Together with doctors, they will vaccinate children against pneumococcal disease (PD).

“This project is of utmost importance, as we are racing against time to protect children against a very devastating disease,: said Pierre Niles, Senior Product Manager, Pfizer “We must act quickly, as infants and children below the age of five are most vulnerable to pneumococcal disease, with one child dying from the disease every minute, and up to one million young lives lost every year.”
Since Pfizer is fighting against time, ClubPK  will be their best transport.  The vaccine needs to reach its destination as soon as possible, with the shortest time possible. Riding along side with Pfizer, ClubPK knows that these rides will be the most important rides in their life.  Their efforts are selfless. With renewed purpose in riding, they are glad to be of service in protecting as many kids as possible from pneumonia and other deadly diseases.

Through the PD Alliance in Motion, initiative, over 1,300 children in the country is expected to receive the broadest coverage pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in the world that protects the 13 most common pneumococcal strains.

Together this partnership will surely benefits the children of our future.

For more information on the PD Alliance and how you can help, visit
Let’s fight together

Click here for more photos of the event

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