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M. Globe Portal is On

The primary concept of mobile phone for me was for calling and receiving calls, followed by texting and that it. . It seems someone wants to prove me wrong. Globe wants to prove me wrong.

Every phone is a net phone

What an appropriate description to the newest one stop portal brought to us by Globe. M. Globe proves to be the ultimate mobile web experience portal that the new generation will surely experience. M. Globeallows easy and convenient browsing by enabling users like me to use a single portal that will let me surf and browse my favorite sites using my phone. 

M. Globe is bringing every phone to the next level. Several features like

Google it          :           Direct searching via Google for instant info that I need right away.
Keep it balanced          Let me check my load while surfing
Like and be Liked        One-click updates, posts and quick view of my status on FB
You’ve got Mail           Received and send out emails anytime
More in store                Watch live UAAP games on mobile. Get movie previews,                                                         schedules and reviews. With free music downloads.
Always in the loop        Free news feeds from top sites. Plus exclusive content.

All these on M. Globe, Visit

M.Globe portal is also available to Android user through a neatly designed widget which allows optimum interaction with users. Subscribers in Samsung Galaxy SII, Sony Ericsson Experia Arc and other Android phones with OS 2.1 onwards can enjoy the m.globe widget for free

There’s a Globe Internet Plan to match my needs and internet usage. While access to the portal is free, data services can be availed of using a Globe mobile browsing plan. From Powersurf15 which is available at P0.25 per minute. Postpaid Powersurf 99 which give me 50MB of mobile data for only P99 or the surf –all-want plan Supersurf 999 good for a month’s use.

With m. globe, we are given access to our favorite sited and Web services in one easy and convenient platform. All I need is m.globe and whatever mobile phone I’m using

Be on with Globe and install the m.globe portal on your phone by texting M.Globe to 2910

Last September 1 prove to be a blast. Together with other blogger, we are lucky enough to be a part of the launch of M.globe. With my new Iphone 3G, I will truly enjoy all the benefits that the one-stop M.Globe portal could give. So what's you're way to the  best mobile internet service?

You're in if You're ON.

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