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My Spa Diet: Your On line Weight Spa

When an invitation came for health and wellness blogger to get together, I was so excited to sign up. When you reach a certain age when your body seem to gain weight even when you think you’re doing everything to stop it or reverse it.

We always look for ways and means to be healthy and have the ideal body weight according to your age.  Together with other blogger, we all meet at the Café 1771 at El Pueblo Real de Manila in Ortigas

Upon registration, we were greeted by Cheshire Que. A registered nurse, Cheshire is a consultant of for several companies in collaborating a soundly concept, enhancements, research and development on wellness, fitness, healthy food products and supplements. She also offers her services on menu and nutrient composition analysis for proper calculations of nutrition values and nutrition label. Did I mention that she is a graduated of BS Community Nutrition in UP DILIMAN?

The first thing that they did was to take our Inner Body Scan using this high-tech gadget. The result shows my BMI, Physique Rating, Basal Metabolic Age and Visceral Fat. All the result shows positive with regards to my health.

Cheshire Que with Blogger Kumagcow as she explain his own Inner Body Scan
Now with the good news.

The event was all about the newest craze with regards to management of health.
The Spa Diet is the first online weight management program in the country that emphasizes a customized diet plan fit for a person’s lifestyle. Collaborating with registered nutritionist-dietitians, it provides a holistic approach on personalized way to meet nutrition needs while losing weight. The diet plan includes life giving foods, teaches smart eating habits and applicable exercise guidelines that considers four phases, pretty much the same concept of a spa: cleansing, detoxifying, rejuvenating, and balance.

At P500 per month for you’re My Spa Diet subscription, it teaches clients to incorporate practical tips for gradual and sustainable weight loss that curbs craving for high-fat and high sugar foods using different tools and widgets on your account like accurate BMI calculator, portion serving size, Fiber tool, Hydration Tracker, Food Wheel Application, and you can plan your meals ahead your schedule using the Grocery list application which I think is very applicable with my lifestyle. With detailed tracking of your everyday progress, you get to see how much you need by viewing easy to understand illustration.

To contact lifestyle and weight management consultant/registered dietitian Cheshire Que, RND, RN, RD call or text 0916-2743944 or (632) 724-1875. Medical City (632) 6341327, the Natural Spa (632) 4269156. Email: or visit

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