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Laybare Waxing Salon : Ballerina's Secret

Together with other blogger, I attended an event last week at the Fully Booked located in Bonifacio High Street. Blogapalozza was a gathering of blogger and business under one roof. As a presentor from Laybare was called, I could not help but applauded, for they are close to my heart.

I have two daughters that are on the verge to be a ballerina, and one of their feminine concern was the unsightly hair not to  be seen in their underarm.. With all the lifting of their arms, came the concern that hopefully there’s no hair visible. Plucking and shaving were their means to get rid of those hairs, but there are negative effects on their skin.

Luckily, one of their co-dancer mentioned about waxing.Waxing is a better alternative to getting rid of unsightly hair.  She mentioned that there’s a salon that could help my daughter with their problem. LayBare Waxing Salon that specialized in hair removal . Since we live in Pasig, one of the nearest branch was located in Megamall.

During our visit, I noticed that the salon gives a relaxing ambiance. Laybare goes for an Asin Fusion-inspired/Zen look using natural colors and native furniture pieces. There are acrylic bead curtains and the minimal accents complete the soothing environment We didn’t wait long, and our names were called. We headed to their private cubicle, comfortable beds await us.

Laybare uses cold was jelly with a patch-waxing technique. Cold was jelly, as opposed to the commonly used hot wax, eliminates the incidents of knicks, cuts or burns, and it is relatively painless. In addition, I found out that it’s made from all-natural ingredients that suits extra-sensitive skin and it decreases skin trauma by removing a small section of hair at a time.

With four daughter and myself, one of my concern was the price, but to my amazement, all the fees are affordable and it the rates are reasonable. They even have packages and promos that my daughter could avail .

Laybare opened its first branch in June 2006 and I’m not surprise that they have spread to 19 branches. Being responsive to their customer need is one of the key why they have loyal clients.

Laybare waxing salon provides the most comfortable and affordable hair removal service.
To me and to my daughter, this a news worth spreading.

For more information, you could check their FB pages
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