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MERALCO is now On-line

For a mother of five, every second counts.  Everything now a day is in a fast phase situation.  I need everything to be at hand or at least everything should be online. One of  my basic need in my everyday life goes with my city services, particularly MERALCO.
With all the upcoming typhoons, price hike and other factors concerning my electricity bill, I need to be updated with the MERALCO updates in just a touch of a button.
MERALCO seem to thinks the same thing, for they come out with a way as to how they can interact with customers like myself, MERALCO through Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, apps, and a newly revamped website. I can now access any time all the customer services online.
The two main sections:
FOR CUSTOMER  provides the answers to customer concern like electricity bill and consumption, new accounts application and other matters that customers have question of.
THE COMPANY is for the corporate reports, business partnership, stakeholder’s relations and investor’s information

The good thing about the redesign  was its easy accessibility for all the information that I’m looking for. There are Quick links on which could easily guide us.

You might wonder why I know all of these things. Well, together with other blogger, we were treated by Meralco as they host the first Get Bright Quiz Night . The bloggers were group into 7 teams. The nice thing about it, all the answers for the question came from the new website.

Our team might now win that night, but the nice thing about it, are all the details and information that I have gathered that night. A night worth remembering but also to treasure. Before I forget, for all those that are concerned with the computation of your electricity bill and how to manage your consumption. Here's the best part of it, Meralco AppCal  will help us along the way. These easy to use application will guide us easily.

For all the questions, there’s an answer and MERALCO made sure of that.  Even the management  took  time to meet and greet all of us. 

Here's the best part of it,and while these digital properties give current customers easier access to better customer service, Meralco is also gearing up to provide power to more areas in the country to help shape more modern standards of living for every Filipino. As the Philippines approaches its Quincentennial year in 2021, Meralco is laying out the groundwork for innovations: Wider Power Distribution, Prepaid Electricity, Meralco Power Generation, the Automated Area Network, and Meralco-Powered Electric Vehicles are just the start of greater things to come, for a brighter future for the Philippines.

For more details, visit and check the following:
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