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A Toast to All Mothers Out There!

We can never hide the fact that we are not the person we are today, if not for our mothers. And for that, we owe her the world, probably more, if possible. So this coming Mother's Day, here's a special tribute to all the mommies out there

There are many different kinds of moms, and many different sides to moms. As women, they juggle both the joys and pains of work and home, family, and career, putting their families first before themselves. As mothers, they serve as inspirations to their own – and their surrogate children. And as friends, they are shoulders to lean on, ears to whisper in, hands that hold home and hearth close.

So how do you celebrate the different kinds, and different facets of moms? With a drink! So cheers to all lovely ladies out there – we salute you, and we toast you on your special day – Mother’s Day.

·      The new mom. Nothing says pure love more than that of a new mom. For these women, Absolute Distilled Water is the only choice for their babies, ensuring that they are always clean and safe. In this case, moms know best because Absolute is the first and currently the only brand in the country to receive a National Sanitation Foundation certification.
·      The 24-hour mom. This applies to all mothers, because being a mom is a full-time job without breaks, vacations, and even pay. For these women, energy is a must, and their partner of choice is Cobra Energy Drink, powering these women to power the country to progress.
·      The laid-back mom. When the kids are asleep, when she’s out shopping, or watching her favorite movie – these are the times when the refreshingly relaxed side of moms come out. And her go-to drink that’s a convenient staple in her purse is Nestea RTD, which allows her to take the plunge anytime, anywhere.
·      The active mom. Bubbly, effervescent, and full of energy, these moms take strenuous activities to new heights. They run in marathons, work out at their favorite gym, and still find time for work, family, and play. For these moms, maximized refreshment is a must, to replenish fluids lost to intense activity. She has 100 plus reasons to be active, and only 100Plus by her side for these activities.
·      The cool mom. We may deny it, but in each of our moms is a cool factor we all aspire to. This combination of safe and steady mom and fun, flirty woman is just like the Tanduay Ice Light – they work hard, and party hard without the guilt, because they know they can balance not just their home and work lives – but their health and personal well-being too.
·      The super mom. A special breed of woman altogether, they aspire to be champions in life, perspire and work hard to achieve their goals, and inspire us all to be better. In short, all moms. These women naturally replenish their energy with Summit Natural Drinking Water, the drink that supports athletes – in sports and in life – just like them.

So which one is your mom? No need to choose – as all of these are in that one special woman in your life, and more. Cheers!

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