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Working Mom Kitchen Essentials The Cooking Range

Í'm a 6-days-a-week working mom with five kids, so I know the “working mom” experience.  I sympathize and empathize with working moms.  I think planning is even MORE vital for those of you who work, We all have meal planning challenges and challenges with meal planning resources. You have even less time to be running to the store for forgotten ingredients and want to maximize your time with your kiddos.  If you know what’s for dinner before you leave the house in the morning, I guarantee dinner prep will go easier.

As a mom I wish my fairy godmother will give me great cooking equipment especially an amazing cooking range.. From baking, low fire cooking and long duration of cooking, having an efficient and durable cooking range is a must.  I observe and notice one thing, proper cleaning and caring for it, takes a lot time to maintain but the reward of having them for at least 10 years is assured.

For instance the EXATECH line of cooking ranges, Excellence Appliance Technologies Inc. (EXATECH) is the leading distributor of the leading brands of appliances nationwide, for example the Fujidenzo. They have an excellent line of cooking ranges or gas ranges (made from Europe) that will suit your budget, needs and convenience. Cooking ranges that have great features which is distinct from the other; energy efficient because the design of the oven is double glass which makes baking more confined and it has a precision burner holes that will cook your dishes gradually and even; safe and convenient because it has a full electric ignition and spill guard to avoid spread of fire and easier production of fire. Most of all they're made of high grade stainless steel.

  I said earlier that proper cleaning and maintaining ones cooking range is one of the factor it last. More so their cooking ranges is hygienically practical because it has a stainless cooktop and splashback features. You don't have to worry also because the cooking ranges have a 2 years warranty on its parts and they have 100 service centers nationwide and in just a click on your phone they will help you anytime, anywhere. They are available in 50cm, 60cm and 90cm and all the photos here in may post are all available also. Happy Cooking
5  Tips for Sane and Quick Meals
(for working moms and others who don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen)
Here’s a brief list of tips to help the dinner hour run more smoothly and nutritiously:

  1. Make a plan, make a plan, make a plan.  You’ll love yourself later!
  2. Wash a lot of fruits and veggies at once and have them out for easy snacking.
  3. Cut veggies in the evening for the next few days (for side dishes and to go into the meals you have planned).  They may lose a few nutrients, but that’s much better than you losing your mind or not including fresh vegetables because you don’t have time to chop them up between work and dinner.  You can even freeze some easy prep foods so you’re always ready to cook with them. 
  4. Buy the pre-cut veggies in the grocery. You kind of have to figure in some cost of convenience if you’re going to work full time outside the home, and it there’s a choice between not eating veggies or spending a little extra to have someone else cut them, I think it’s worth the cash.
  5. Cook Once, Serve Twice:  figure out how to make twice the meat for certain meals that can be used the following day in an easy meal: roast chicken in wraps, ground beef in spaghetti, grilled meat on a salad, roast beef in a soup…you get the idea.  There are all sorts of ways to employ the “Cook Once, Serve Twice” strategy.  Get creative and intricate with your meal planning and you can use all sorts of items twice in one week with once the amount of effort!

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