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Better Days is Here because of Betadine Femine Wash

Being a mother, there are things and ways that I pass on to my four daughters.  Things that I know that will help them with everyday life and hygiene is included. From the time they start being aware of themselves and with what’s happening to their body, they are not afraid to ask on what to do or what they should know. I make it a point to be opened to their question so that I could guide them.  I could say that the quality of being strong emotionally has been because of me. I teach them the art of being street smart and to take care of themselves, emotionally, spirituality and physically and that’s mean health and hygiene.


Today, I will pass on important information that I have learned thru a media presscon host by Betadine Femine Wash.

Hosted by Boy Abunda

Bianca Gonzales as the new brand Ambassadress

With the risk for itchiness, infection, and irritation during red days, it’s better to prevent than to cure it.  So settling for an ordinary feminine wash during your time of the month may not be enough.  We need extra protection during red days and BETADINE® Feminine Wash can give that.
What BETADINE® Feminine Wash does that a daily feminine wash cannot do as effectively is eliminate bacteria, viruses, and fungi that cause irritation during red days. Using BETADINE® Feminine Wash means less risk of infection, relief from itchiness and irritation, and a worry free mindset that comes from knowing your health and hygiene are well taken care of, and that there are better days ahead. 

Every day is a chance to take care of our self and to live life to the fullest. For better days, use what is most appropriate for your health and hygiene during red days, use BETADINE® Feminine Wash

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