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Nestle : Balance Diet is Wellness

As people line up for the opening of 6th Nestle Wellness Expo, I was attending the presscon held at the Megatrade Conference Hall.

Sandra Puno, Leslie Go-Alcantara,  Tweetie de Leon, Coach Jim Saret

During the presscon, Sandra Puno, Nestlé Philippines director of communications, said the Expo is consistent with the company’s mission to nurture generations of Filipino families with products that promote Nutrition, Health and Wellness. “With its heritage of good nutrition and unmatched scientific R and D resources, Nestlé as the world Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company wants to respond to evolving consumer needs,” Ms. Puno said. “Starting with our employees in 2004, we have continuously held Wellness activities in nutrition and fitness, such as the Choose Wellness Expo.”

In the aspect of nutrition, Leslie Go-Alcantara, Corporate Wellness head of Nestlé Philippines, said research shows that many Filipinos from all walks of life have diet-related imbalances ranging from under-nutrition to over-nutrition, often without knowing it. 

 “Nestlé wants to emphasize a basic but important concept: moderation, variety and balance are indispensable for a proper diet. So we have the Wellness plate as a simple, visual guide for a healthy diet. A balanced plate would be half-full with vegetables and / or fruits, one-fourth full with a carbohydrate source, and one-fourth full with a protein source,” Ms. Alcantara said. “Diet fads are not balanced, because these do not contain the fuel, the food groups in the amounts that the body needs to stay healthy. We may lose weight from a fad diet in the short run, but it is not sustainable and there is eventually a rebound,” she added.  

Celebrity mom and entrepreneur Tweetie de Leon, who has appeared in Nestlé Wellness TV commercials, said that given her dynamic lifestyle, she has always advocated balancing diet and physical activity. “You can’t work out if you’re miserable because of your diet. You must enjoy what you’re doing and have fun,” she advised, “Commit time for each activity, be it workout time or couple time, or dinner with the family at 7 every night.” She likewise cautioned against dietary fads, affirming the need for moderation, variety and balance in one’s diet.

Noted fitness coach Jim Saret, who is running the Nestlé FITFIL Boot Camp, one of the company’s Wellness activities, said that contrary to popular belief, anyone can get fit anywhere, anytime, without investing in clothes or equipment. “Getting fit can be done at home. No Filipino, rich or poor, has an excuse not to be fit. It does not need much space and time. An office worker can exercise effectively in his cubicle during lunch break, the housewife with a ‘bunot’ at home,” Coach Jim said.

He said that there are no good foods and bad foods, only good and bad diets. “Wellness is always a balance of good nutrition and physical activity. For example, if you watch your diet, you can really lose weight. But without exercise, you will not be healthier,” Coach Jim noted.

With everyone sharing their insight with regards to what wellness is all about, I was kind thinking that there’s no excuse to do an exercise and eat a balance diet or deprived myself as to what I can eat.

The bottom line is eat in moderation and do exercise to be fit and healthy.


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