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Krok meets Garlik: Krazy Garlik’s latest exotic dishes

It was Friday night and my office mates wants to go on a food trip, an exotic one they say.  With the mention of exotic, there’s one place I know they will love and I know I can have them eat dishes without them knowing where it came from. Krazy Garlik’s latest exotic dishes will surely give them a different kind of culinary exciment and it came from Lolong’s family clan ( hahahaha). Yes I let  them got a taste of crocodile meat.

It may not seem like it, but did you know that Crocodiles provide the healthiest meat around? Considered as one of the cleanest source of lean protein, croc meat is also low in cholesterol and has minimal fat content. In fact, crocodile dishes are popular in countries such as Australia, China and Thailand. And with its tender meat and health benefits, no wonder crocodiles are such a hit.

We got together at Krazy Garlik  and this not so crazy restaurant  serves the four mouthwatering treats that will give you exotic gastronomic journey experience.  Krazy Garlik  dares go beyond the usual dishes that we got to taste .  You will never expect that a pasta, a sisig, salpicao and mind you steak ribs will be brought into a new dimension of gastronomy.

Salpicao should never be out of the list. Krok Salpicao (P435) is not only garlik-y and exotic, it is most definitely delicious

 If you’re digging ribs and steaks, sink your teeth into the wildest ribs around with the sweet and tangy Rappin’ Ribs (P695) sans the guilt.

if you want the comfort of Filipino food, add some kick with their take on two Filipino classics. A few years ago, many would consider sisig exotic. Ever since then, it has become the go-to dish of many. Krazy Garlik is bringing the exotic back to this sizzling favorite with our Rockin’ Sisig (P375).

Tempting Pasta (P425) gives you the most unexpected rendition of the boring old pasta as the creamy sauce is balanced out by lean crocodile meat.
So catch this Krokodile Kraze and bite into the wild side and discover the exotic crocodile meat through familiar and comforting dishes we all know and love.
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