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A Scared Artist 's Moving On Story

There are different ways to view scars but viewing them depends on how you prefer it to be. I knew someone, an artist who I may I personally call a scared artist. I would see her tired but inspired, broke but emotionally driven and hopeful despite all the wounds.
There are times that I would think back of how she started, the very first day I met her, a person full of jokes and easy to go along. I wish I was like her sorting out everything that life brings but I can only dream that one day I will have that very same feeling despite all the emotional wounds.
Yes, I too have wounds that needed healing and all I could think of is how I would live them as time goes. She went to the best universities that this country could offer and even went beyond to pursue further in Paris-France out of a scholarship grant. I have high hopes for her; I mean who else would not having that kind of background. I closely monitored everything she went through but I never knew the profound side of it all along.

She left a job to pursue her childhood dream and said that leaving good friends behind is like a spoiled wound that needed attention and care. She ventured to follow her heart’s desire of what she knows best for her. A wound that is on constant pain knowing a number of people who are disapproving of her art. She went through 4 years to widen her talent, honing them like a wound that needed first aid despite the years that gone through. As I think back through it, I would never have the right answer because I knew the right answer would mean hearing it straight from her. The person I personally called the scared artist.
One late afternoon on a gloomy Saturday, I got the chance to visit her. It was an awkward moment because she was in deep silence for days in a small rented studio apartment I own. We started out with few conversations but I could not help myself but asked the question I have been longing to ask for years and uttered these words…” what is the hardest part of being an artist?”
An uncomfortable silence filled the air and I was engulfed with a reflective pause. She cleaned up some artistic mess and found herself sitted in an old brown couch, cleared her throat and said “…at some point in our life there are wounds that takes time to heal, some wounds left a scar that reminds you of the defining moment you wish you didn’t do…I have just received 3 consecutive 3 sad emails of rejection from an art residency, an art contest and a biennale feedback of which artist would care to listen. The 3 emails contained kind uplifting words but behind those words like a sad scarred artist like me trying to see the good in every negative situation.”
After the artist said in a soft voice “I was once wounded when I was young, as I arrived home I remembered what my mom said. She told me that all scars have their own healing time and the right moment yet the hardest part is the patience to wait until the scars go away. Hearing this from her reminded me that sometimes the simplest answer of a scarred artist means the most, see the good in every negative situation and have the patience to wait, for life has so many things to offers and scars can be treated in time. A scar is not the basis of what you can do, but just a mark in the whole you . She accepts the scar as part of her and brings out the best on what she can be, lastly enjoying what life offers
Scars have their own healing time and the right moment yet the hardest part is the patience to wait until the scars go away, using contractubex surely help

I too await the healing of the wound I personally bear, but our conversation made me felt that I am not alone with the scars I long to be gone and forgotten. The scars that one day will heal and be part of my past muted in the shadow I dare not to remember. It’s a simple truth that we all have wounds in our life but it is through these wounds that we are refined to be the person we are ought to be. We may be reminded by scars after every wound but the same as contractubex it would heal and treat scars successfully.  As we move forward in our every lives, we are guided that contractubex will be there to guide as all along, a scar gel that makes the difference. A scared artist that I know would someday find her wound totally healed.

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