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What's Practical when its comes to being clean

When you’re a mom of five kids, you got to be practical and ready for everything every day. You got to equip yourself with things that are hassle free.  Just like going to the ladies room with your girls in a mall.

Normally when we are at home, we have the ever reliable feminine wash that gives us the comfort of feeling fresh all day. But in the places like the malls, how could be bring our bottle feminine wash, so the option would be to use the tissues. But in my case, I would rather not use a tissue since it’s useless anyway. Useless in a sense that I don’t feel clean at all when using dry tissue. Yeah, it will wipe away the wetness but still, I don’t fell clean

So since, I’m a mom, I therefore need to do something about it, the practical way. I would definitely equip myself  with the moist PH Care Feminine Wipes. PH Care Feminine Wipes is reseal able, practical and will leave you feeling fresh without the use of water.

What’s good about the PH Feminine Wipes is that it’s PH balance, its alcohol free, hypo allergenic, and the most important of all, its hassle free.

PH Care Feminine Wipes is only P 41.00 and you will get 10 pcs wipes/pack. PH Care Feminine Wipes is available nationwide, that’s why there’s no excuse why you can purchase one.

So what’s practical, bring your roll of tissue paper or just a pack of PH Care Feminine Wipes. You choose?

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