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Letting Kids be Kids with the Help of Mom's Co-Protector

As a mom, I want my kids to explore and learn new things on their own and on their own capacity.  I want my children to curious and explore the world around them but kids will be kids and as they become older, their curiosity increase, more explorative and impulsive. Outdoor plays entail more interaction with people, animals and other things, exposing them to possible sicknesses. This causes so much anxiety to moms like me, who always want their kids protected but who also know that they cannot always be there for that. This is where NIDO® 3+, developed with the best of Nestlé Research, comes in.
Last January 15, NIDO 3+ held an intimate press event for the 2014 campaign of NIDO 3+. Representing the younger generation of moms, new NIDO 3+ brand ambassador Barbie Almalbis-Honasan attended the event alongside child expert and Associate Professor at the Family Life and Child Development Department of the College of Home Economics of UP Diliman, Dr. Lilian Leynes-Juadiong. Guests were among the first to hear the parenting experiences and expert insights on the different factors first-time moms worry about, including what can help moms in building their child’s body defenses while allowing them to explore the world on their own.

“Mothers are very keen on what they give their kids and they mainly worry about three things during the growing up years. First is if they are getting real value for their money. Second is the acceptability of these purchases, which may be food or drinks, to their kids. Does it appeal to their kid’s palate? Is this something that their kids can appreciate daily? Does it protect them as they explore new things? And, third, is ease of preparation which is something first-time, and often working moms consider,” shared Dr. Juadiong during the media event. “Given these factors, good and high-quality sources of nourishment and nutrients become mommy’s little helpers to help lessen the things they worry about. Special ingredients such as Lactobacillus PROTECTUS®, a unique combination of live active good microorganisms, play an important role in strengthening your child’s body defenses. With this, first-time moms can have peace of mind while allowing their kids to play and be healthy without adverse effects.”

Singer-songwriter, wife, and mother of two growing kids – Stina, 6 and Liam, 3 – Barbie proudly shared with guests her parenting experiences. “They say that having a child is like having your heart walk around outside your body. That's exactly how I feel about my kids, and when Stina was very young, I used to always panic whenever she fell down or hurt herself, and she would always cry.  We later realized that it was actually my reaction that caused her to fear and cry.  When I learned to be calm and just quietly help her up, she also learned to just rub her small 'boo-boo' and go right back to playing. When Liam was born, we already learned to apply the 'keep-calm' attitude with him, and like his sister, he's confident at play and knows how to pick himself up when he falls,” shared Barbie. “This is when young moms like me start to get a grip on motherhood and gain more assurance. I'm thankful for the things that help me equip and protect my kids every day,” Barbie added.

During the event, the attendees also had an exclusive screening of the refreshed version of the well-loved NIDO 3+ “You’re My Number One” music video. Barbie closely worked with fellow NIDO 3+ brand ambassador Sharon Cuneta who last revived the song back in 2009. “It was an honor to work alongside Sharon and her son, Miguel, for this project. I am equally thrilled that I got to do this with both Stina and Liam who also enjoy NIDO 3+ very much,” said Barbie.

Nestlé Philippines also gave a sneak-peek on the various initiatives of NIDO 3+ for this year, maximizing online platforms to reach and support first-time moms. According to a study  on digital behaviour among women, mothers go online to gather relevant information and reach out for opinions. NIDO 3+ responds to this need of first-time moms in a creative way by optimizing social media.

A unique feature on the NIDO 3+ Facebook to watch out for is the “You’re My Number One” Sing-Along Tab. With everybody’s favourite NIDO 3+ song’s fresh new beat, moms and their kids get to sing along with Barbie for fostering bonds between mother and child. Other exciting apps include a digital meter which gauges what worries mothers during the kid’s growing up years and a special promotion for moms and their little ones to capture the protection and enjoyment kids experience with NIDO 3+.

Moms can look forward to using these starting February 2014 at

With NIDO 3+’s new campaign underway, first-time moms can let their kids be kids with their love coupled with the protection of Lactobacillus PROTECTUS®, Prebio 3, and other essential nutrients. Despite the challenges of raising kids, the world of parenting can definitely be magical while enabling kids to be exposed, exploring and experiencing the world for them to grow into the best they can possibly be.

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