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Bauch Laboratories unveils the beautifying power of nature

I always say “ To be Happy is Now” but now there’s another quote I wanted to share to you and that is “ You are more beautiful Now”. I found out about this when I attended the launch of flagship product of Bauch Phils. Laboratories : the Blooming G. Blooming G is a nutraceutical and organic supplement developed to deliver a host of wellness and beautifying benefits for today’s active women. And Bauch launched this product to strengthens its commitment in the Philippine pharmaceutical industry. I know for a fact that many women could relate to what a stressful world we live in and Blooming G is here to support us.

Blooming-G taps the wonders of Borage oil, a type of essential fatty acid that contains high amounts of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), also known as omega-6. Borage or starflower has a high stem with oval shaped leafs pointed upwards, and small bright blue or pink flowers with five triangular petals, arranged in the shape of a star. Its extraordinary oil, which comes from its seeds, contains a significant amount of omega-6 fatty acids that promotes overall body wellness.

But how does GLA or omega-6 really bring out the healthy glow from within? Basically, it plays a significant role in the development of skin cells. For the body to naturally produce this substance, first it must have linoleic acid (LA), an essential fatty acid that our body is unable to make.  However, we can get plenty of linoleic acid in our daily diet since it is commonly found in various vegetable oils.

Once linoleic acid is ingested, it is acted upon by an enzyme called Delta-6- Desaturase (D6D) which converts LA into GLA. This is how we normally get our daily fix of GLA. Consequently, a lack of this substance leads to dry, unhealthy skin. This is where Blooming-G comes in. It targets to retain adequate moisture levels and also protects skin cells from damage.

Alongside these crucial effects on the skin, are other health benefits of omega-6 in combination with omega-3 fatty acids, such as brain development, strong bone structure, and active metabolism. With these benefits, Blooming-G truly goes beyond the concept of superficial beauty by focusing on overall vitality.

A living proof of Blooming-G’s total effect is brand endorser, Sunshine Cruz, who lives up to her name by constantly showing such outstanding radiance. A mother of three who works in the demanding world of show business, Sunshine has successfully maintained the physical assets that initially elevated her to stardom: long, vibrant locks, slender figure, flawless skin, sculpted cheeks, Julia Roberts smile, and notably flawless skin. Her secret? Knowing how to manage stress. “Stress causes unhealthy lifestyle, and it will make you age fast. So I really need something to help me maintain that natural glow, like Blooming-G”, she adds. 
On the other hand, Florinda San Antonio, founder of Bauch Laboratories, underlines the effects of Blooming-G, not only on physical wellness, but on a holistic approach as she explains, “Blooming-G is developed to help today’s women live happier, more meaningful lives through its health and beauty benefits. When a woman feels good about herself, she gains the confidence to do more and standout. That is our goal; to improve the quality of life through products that are trustworthy”.

A company that was established in 2005, under ANFLO Group of Companies, Bauch Laboratories is primarily engaged in manufacturing ethical, consumer, and nutraceutical products. Along with the corporate goals of providing the best quality products and maintaining a family-oriented organization, is Bauch’s enthusiasm towards environmental preservation.

With this in mind, it is no longer surprising how the company was able to utilize natural substances instead of using chemicals that will further harm the ecosystem, thus the birth of Blooming-G.

There may be a lot of supplements that aim to revitalize the mind and body, but there are only a few of them that dare to keep it organic. This is indeed the season to bloom, and Bauch helps today’s active women achieve that healthy glow through the beautifying power of nature.

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Bauch Laboratories Corporation intends to build and prosper their business and its society through sustainability and satisfying the customers beyond their expectations through customer-driven standards and solutions, as well as establishing collaborative relationship with suppliers.
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