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Discover the Best of Manila with Jeepney Tours

I was invited to get a glimpse of what a jeepney tour can offer and it had given me a new perspective in the term “jeepney”. We all know that jeepney plays and important part in our daily transportation. Jeepneys are called the “king of the road”. Jeepney was trace back during the American period and since we Filipinos are creative, we had transformed it with our Pinoy touch.

 Photo credit: Jonathan Nava

Going back to our jeepney tour, the jeepney that would take you around the metro are colorful and cool because it has an air-con that would make the passenger comfortable during the whole trip.  Every jeep has its own videoke. The Jeepney Tours knows how Filipinos love to sing, making the whole tour more memorable.

Our Kuya driver surely knows how to dress up for occassion

Ms. Clang Garcia ( wish she's a distant relative of mine, so that I could go around everyday with her)

Sing your heart out and nobody will stop you unless the jeep stop to it's final stop

Going around the Metro  was never been fun until there's Jeepney Tours

There are a lot of choices that you could choose since Jeepney Tours has a lot to offer, not only in the Metro but they also have out of town trip. They don’t just offer trip, they offer culture and heritage information and performances and delicious food as well. Not only will eyes be feed but your tummy as well.  

After the tour and as part of the tour, we experience a dinner like no other. Besides the food that was definitely delicious, a cultural performance was there as well.

Dinnner Time



For more information about Jeepney Tours, check out this details

Jeepney Tours
Contact no. (632) 994-6636
mobile no.: (0918) 897-4670

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