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World Premiers Film Festival

This year, the World Premieres Film Festival will feature for the first time ever the international premieres of films from Brazil, Ecuador, Iran, Spain, Turkey, and the Philippines.

Our very own Lav Diaz will present his new film epic, "Mula sa Kung Ano ang Noon."

The opening press conference of the World Premieres Film Festival 2014 will happen  this Sunday, June 29,2014

Meet the 8 international directors of the 8 films in the festival's Main Competition, as they introduce their films and give a brief Q & A. The participating directors are as follows:

  1. Rosario Boyer - Brazil
  2. Alfredo Leon -Ecuador
  3. Reza Azamian - Iran
  4. Lav Diaz - Philippines
  5. Arturo Prins - Spain
  6. Vicente Perez Herrero - Spain
  7. Juan Pinzas -  Spain
  8. Feyzullah Serkan Acar -  Turkey

For more details, visit or the WPFF Facebook page.

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