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Feel the Fila Royalty with their Shoes/Apparel/Bag and Meet the Endorsers in 1 Day

I just wanted a pair of shoes for my son Ej and yet a got a whole lot more when I visited a branch of Fila for that purpose. Last weekend was a grand day Fila customers, for they got a chance to meet and greet the Philippine Volcanoes and Michel Martinez while doing some shopping at selected Fila branches for two consecutive days and I was included on that event. When you think of Fila, shoes would probably the first thing that would come on your mine .  Please be informed that Fila is much more that, because they also have the coolest design for apparel and bags. 

Teen shoes

Ladies shoes


The members of the Philippine Volcanoes doing their shopping, there's shoes, bag and apparel in one shop

Cris is so serious when it comes to his choices in jacket

This bag surely got the approval it deserves

My Fila blouse , signed by the famous Philippine Volcanoes

The member are so gracious that they even allowed me and the other fans to have a photo with them
Hes' not just a showtime stopper but a powerful rugby player

So happy that they I got my blouse signed by the big boys of Philippine Volcanoes

The fans are so busy lining up to take turns for their Fila fans to be signed

Didn't waste any time , I also got Michael Martinez (the newest endorser for Fila) to sign my blouse

Congratulations Fila, an affair fit for royalty, feeling royalty, and for those who feel royalty because of the attention that you give them.

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