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Hinga Hingalo ni Baby, A move to save lives of Pre Mature Babies

Being a mom, it is heart breaking when you heard that a child has died. We are affected by news that a newborn died even though we are not the mother of that child. What more is the pain of a   mother feels when her child dies after carrying the baby in her womb for nine months.  Dealing with the death of your child is an ordeal that I or any mother would want to experience. A life that we carried for nine months and be taken away without them having to experience the joy of life is something that we need to fight.

Recently, the Philippine Society of NewbornMedicine (PSNbM), together with the Department of Health, Phil health and the Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital joined forces in championing a campaign set on averting more needless deaths in children and ensuring the millennium development goal in child mortality is met. By juxtaposing a newborn’s breath of life and the struggle to escape death, HINGA/HINGALO Ni Baby was formed. HINGA/HINGALO Ni Baby communicates the gamble in childbirth, that despite the joy in the miracle of giving birth, premature birth complications reduce a baby’s survival into a coin flip triggered by nothing but chance alone

A presscon was held last February 3, 2015 at EDSA Shangri-La Hotel to officially launch the HINGA HINGALO Ni Baby, a movement to save premature babies. The campaign aims to disclose top preterm birth complications and existing interventions and drive audience to the right channels where they can avail of the said interventions.

Present is Dr. Carina C. Quimbao, President of  Philippine Society of Newborn Medicine. She shares that with #hingahingalo, they are doing their part in averting more needless deaths in infants and plotting course towards finally meeting the millennium  development goal of reducing child mortality. She believes that together, we can win this battle against prematurity and stop losing lives of the innocent

Dr. Anthony Calibo, Officer in Charge, Children's Health Development Division, Department of Health, gave a talk about premature babies death.

This is Mira of Bulacan, 26 yrs. old and gave birth to twins who never got to see the light of the day.  Mira’s twins MJ and JM were lost to the world’s largest killer of babies; preterm birth complications. The thing with Mira and with most grieving mothers who lost their children to prematurity is that they think medications is expensive and inaccessible to the poor- this not entirely true.

Possible interventions are within reach, just like the case of Sara Padilla, a 19 year old mom, who also gave birth to preemie, King Philip. Sara’s baby survived and passed the critical stage due to medical interventions.

HINGA HINGALO ni Baby, Choose life/Reduce Newborn Deaths is a campaign championed by The Philippine Society of Newborn Medicine ( PSNbM) to lead the discourse on prematurity as a prevalent national health issue. To know more about HINGA/HINGALO ni Baby, contact them thru or like them on facebook at

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