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Manulife’s Bundle of Joy : Your first Step in Giving Security to your Baby

As a mom, I  know the feeling for the need of the security of our children. From the moment we found out that we are pregnant, a lot of thing are running in our mind all at the same time. There are so many questions that we ask as serves and one of them is the security of our child; as in are we ready for them and how can we take care of them. The arrival of a newborn is an important milestone for parents – a joyous occasion for every Filipino family. This is the time when parents receive baby gifts, child care tips from family and friends, and more importantly, the privilege of helping nurture new life into the world.

Being a new parent means having your littlest loved one depend on you for everything. To help expectant parents or parents of newborns journey into their new life stage, Manulife Philippines has now made life insurance more accessible through its “Bundle of Joy” advocacy. Anyone who wants to build a more secure future for themselves and their family is invited to be a part of Manulife’s Bundle of Joy community by signing up to

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Expectant moms and dads, and parents of children under one year of age are
entitled to a FREE one-year term life insurance coverage worth PhP 100,000. Furthermore, everyone who registers online can also access good reads and helpful tips from experts, join various promotions and win exciting prizes and freebies.

“Manulife’s Bundle of Joy is part of our continued advocacy to reach, secure and protect as many Filipino families as possible,” said Ryan Charland, President and Chief Executive Officer, Manulife Philippines.
“Financial protection should be in every new or expectant parent’s checklist as the first step towards securing their family’s future. Through Manulife’s Bundle of Joy, we want to make it easy for parents to access life insurance coverage by having them register online and become part of a community that can support their responsibility as parents.”

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