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Merz Asthetics and Age Defying Radiesse

If you are reaching a certain age when you are not that young and there are certain thing that you cannot control like sagging skins; sinking of the cheeks and widening of  the chin lines. Aging with grace is not at all the answer; we can’t be forever young but we can defy age in some extent.
There is an innovation recently launched by Merz Aesthetics, a branch of Merz, the innovative leader in aesthetics and consumer health.  Radiesse as they called it was revealed to make us ageless and younger-looking. The event held at the Makati Shangri-La-Hotel last March 27, 2015.

Radiesse is dermal filler (injected to the face). Radiesse lifts and contours for a natural looking, youthful face. It gives a triple effect- volume lifting, versatile filling and skin rejuvenation. Its excellent tolerability and safety is clinically proven. FDA approved.

Radiesse is Calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA). It is different from botolinum toxin produced by bacterium.

Yes, we can prolong our younger look by get enough sleep, limit sun exposure, do not smoke, avoid stress, maintain proper hydration and healthy diet; but this can’t be forever. 
the host Ms. Angel Jacob,

Dr. Teresita Ferrariz

Dr. Ron Elepaño

Dr. Edwin Sunga, Regional Medical Director of Merz Aesthetics

Our aged will show, our youthful skin will sag and your glow will fade but now there is Radiesse. With the help of board certified doctors; who know the proper way of making aging manageable, which is why it is best to take advice from them than anyone else?
, Dr. Yao Yuan Chang, the host Ms. Angel Jacob, Dr. Jose Joven Cruz, Dr. Teresita Ferrariz, and Dr. Edwin Sunga, Regional Medical Director of Merz Aesthetics.

For a naturally ageless look, doctors would recommend Radiesse, the filler of choice for natural results and a youthful look. The gel-like component in Radiesse blends with the natural collagen of the face and adds volume, triggering an instant natural effect and producing long-term results. No more wrinkles and lines, only firm and supple skin. Just imagine, after the treatment administered by your doctor, your experience an immediate lift; a change that you will definitely enjoy for the next years to come.

Radiesse has helped defy the age of thousands of women around the world. Not only is it proven to be effective by clinical studies, it is also confirmed to be safe, according to many scientific studies and publications all over the world.

Let us all say goodbye to the burden of aging, and look forward to younger looking years ahead and let Radiesse take care of the rest.

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