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National Dish of the Philippines: Make it Adobo

Adobo, adobo, you can make it anywhere, anytime and anyway you prepare it. I really don’t know anyone who doesn’t know what adobo is.  Even other nationalities know out famous adobo and now it’s time to make it official

Most nations around the world have their own national dish and it is time for the Filipino to take pride in what is uniquely our own. Ours is not the first effort to make adobo the national dish of the Philippines. In 2014, House Bill 3926 (led by Hone Rene Relampagos from first district of Bohol) was filed in congress to declare Adobo as our National dish, but to this day, the bill is still up for final deliberation.

And to start, I attended an event held at Romulo’s Café in Jupiter that showcase how versatile our Adobo is

Hence, the Adobo Movement is born;

It’s about time for us to unite in making Adobo the official National dish

The adobo Movement is a movement that hit close to home because Adobo is a dish that is both personal, as it national. Adobo is just like home; it rekindles our longing for family, it identifies us a Filipino and as a nation.

Our goal is to hit at least 500,000 signatures to support House Bill 3926 to officially instate Adobo as our national dish
You can also take part in this campaign, just log on to and click on the sign petition button .Help spread the word, to your friend and families by sharing your vote over Facebook or by sending the link to them so that they can too can part of the movement.

Datu Puti will be launching the Adobo Movement Food fair on June 11, 2015 to celebrate Adobo as being proudly Pinoy in time with the commemorating of our Independence Day.
Join the fun and bring your family and friends and join us at the Eastwood City Plaza from 630 pm to 12 midnight as food concessionaires from all over the country battle it out for the honor of being called the Bayan’s Best Adobo
Be part of the event

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