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Beautiful Moments in the Rain with my Mom

While others are sad that Typhoon Falcon is here and it’s raining cats and dog; here I am singing. Yes, I’m singing because rainy season is something that brings back happy thoughts, this happy thought is my beautiful moments with my mom. Rainy season is the time when my bond with my mom is most precious. 

I live in Divisoria, literally and figuratively.  My mom is a street vendor and my father is a construction worker. Tatay lives where his project is located while we lived in the make-up house in the middle of the street.  Since we do trading day in and day out; it is much easier for us to live at our small stall as well.
I am not ashamed to tell everyone that I am a street vendor during my younger years (all the people who know me, know about that part of my life). I am the eldest child and it is just normal that I helped my mother in any way I can. Rain or shine, we sell and we don’t let one another down. Rain comes in different stages. There is time when the rain was not to heavy that we will just cover our stall and sleep inside while it’s raining and I could hear every drop and just sleep through it. There are times when it really rain so hard that we will go to nearby building for shelter.  My mom would always say that everything will be alright and the rain will eventually stop.

Rain is not just about typhoon, it’s also about life struggle and my mother is always there when there is rain in my life.

My mom is my partner in crime, she is my strength, and she is the wind beneath my wing (the list is to long). She was always there, especially during the rainy days of my life.

Let’s just say when Typhoon Ondoy came (this represent the most difficult time of my life), my mother is there to support me and guide me through the rain.

My perfect marriage fall apart and I almost took my life because I cannot accept the fact that I fail and there were so many questions in my mind that I cannot answer. Thunder and Black clouds were all over me and then my bit of sunshine paves the way for my rainbow.
My mom supported me and show me that there is still a rainbow waiting for me at the end of the storm. There are other reasons to live. I am also a mother and not just a wife; there are other people who love me besides my husband.

She was there every step of the way. She holds my hand and led me out of my rain. I was able to get a job while she takes care of my children and the house. She shows me ways how to be able to get back on my feet again and regain my dignity. You could say that I made it through the rain

Whenever I miss my mother, I just watch this video and remind myself, just how bless I am to have a mother like her.
Here is the full video of my life and how it was change because I have my mother who guided me

While others will point fingers on me, she made sure that I stand and face it with my head, held up high.

It’s been two years since my mom died and now I am stronger than ever because she teaches me how not let the rain ruins my parade.
She want me to be always happy and look youthful because is age is just a number.  I now found happiness but as for the fountain of youth; I found another way for that through HyC 150.

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  1. Very endearing post... I miss my mom now cause of reading this. I just think that it's sad for me cause when the going got tough, instead of support I got ridicule, but then I guess she was hurt too by the choices I made.... Anyways, I know that your kids will look up on you to be their rainbow when the rains come. God Bless! :)

  2. nice to see your happy picture with your kids, mommy lariza. I'm calling you the mom with a great calling of bringing joy and encouragement to moms like me. Thanks.

  3. Ohh.. na-touch ako sa blog mo.. :) Plus informed on the anti-aging properties.. Grabe we need it na talaga noh?

  4. Very inspiring story and I love your header photo mommy Lariza - one happy family :)



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