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Who is your Unsung Hero?

I am Lariza Garcia, a mother of five great kids. I was able to send my kids to reputable school and I own some property and was able to invest a few stocks here and there. I am not saying this to brag about my possession but to look back and appreciate on what I have.

Whenever I perceive what I have; I always thank God for the blessing that I received. They say that God use ways and means for Him to be able to take care and guide us. In my case, He sends my Mom as my guardian angel and not just a parent.  I am saying this because; there are a lot of parents out there that were given a chance to take care of their children but abuse that position.
Being a parent is not easy, there are lot of sacrifices and now that I am a mother as well; I now truly understand what it means.

I am what I am today because of my mother; my nanay. I owe her a lot of things and I am not speaking about material things. There are more important things in life than money and I learn that through my nanay. Not everything can be settled by money, happiness cannot be bought by money; just some of my nanay’s reminder. The most important of all is not to give up from the struggle and be a survivor in life.

With my mother’s husay in how to face life and her malasakit to me; I was able to stand up and made something for myself. My mother is a street vendor and so was I, but it did not stop us in dreaming that someday; everything will be alright and we will have a better life ahead of us.  Life is not a bed of roses but my mother prepared me to face life with my head up high.

Through thick and thin, we stick together and face the challenges that life throw on us.  My mother was there to support me and give the strength that I need to go on in life.  Life is not easy but with her by my side; life becomes bearable.  I have the courage to face every struggle and I was able to pass this feature to my children

I remember that I used to give all my earning to her but in return, she made sure that I have all the things that I need.  For everything that I gave to her, I know that she would use this to make our life better.

I am what I am today, because there is a person who assists me and guide me.
Today, I honour my mother who with her husay and malasakit; I am happy.

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