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Samsung Digital Appliances Host 7th Cooking Workshop For Chef Wanna Be

Samsung Digital Appliances 7th Cooking Workshop was held last September 30 and I was fortunate to be able to learn 2 two new recipes.
The Participants

With the help of Samsung Smart Oven, cooking these two dishes was a piece of cake. For this workshop, the theme was“Asian-inspired Dishes for the Family Food Trip,” the participants learned how to make Singaporean Baked Prawns with Glass Noodles or Sotanghon and Thai Chicken on a Bed of Spinach with Peanut Sauce. These dishes are prepared in the most convenient and easy way through the Samsung Refrigerator and Samsung Smart Oven’s functions.
Singaporean Baked Prawns with Glass Noodles (Sotonghon)

Thai Chicken on a Bed of Spinach with Peanut Sauce
Samsung Refrigerator
Samsung’s refrigerator addresses issues on energy efficiency by saving up to 50% on energy consumption based on Meralco testing and reducing noise production, as well as space efficiency by offering a wide range of capacities to fit every household. To further deliver peace of mind to the family, each refrigerator comes with a 10 year warranty on the compressor

Smart Oven
The Samsung Smart Oven will surely meet families’ on-the-go lifestyle as well as their need for healthy food. It has features that make it the all-in-one cooking solution, veering away from the usual only “reheating” feature of microwaves. It has the SLIM FRY Technology that allows oil-free frying and fuss-free frying and grilling. The convection mode, on the other hand, assures that the food is cooked evenly without the need of frequently opening the Smart Oven to rotate the food. Aside from upgrading the kitchen, cooking skills are about to level up with this appliance.

It will always be a pleasure for Samsung to be part of your home and respond to your ever-changing daily needs. Let’s celebrate life and new learning experiences, one good and healthy food at a time with Samsung Digital Appliances.

Would you like to learn the recipe, leave a comment and I will see what I can do.

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