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Life is a Challenge :Why You Need to Plan Your Future?

When I was young, I told myself that I want to have my next generation to have a better life than me.

To be able to accomplish that goal, I had to start with planning my future because it has to start somewhere and that somewhere is me.

And that promise was 35 years ago.
I am now 47 years old, I have my own home and my children are studying or graduated from the top universities in the country ( UST, UP Diliman, La Salle Saint Benilde and Ateneo).  I can choose to work or not to work since I have a passive income coming from my 8 door apartment business.  I resign from my corporate work because I decided to start travelling while I still can because you need the energy to enjoy that adventure.
In total, I could say that I have fulfill my dreams,  it may not be 100 percent because I choose not to purchase a car for myself but that’s my decision.  I can now start enjoying and splurge a little bit since four of my children are earning on their own and can help with the youngest on with regards to other expenses.

I am happy that my children are enjoying the fruits of my dream and they also want me to enjoy life to the fullest by starting on what I want to do and that is travelling ; local or international.
By the way, I also have insurance and planning to get my St. Peter Plan as well ( it’s better to plan ahead on all things).
In total, I could say that I planned my future,  or at least accomplish most of what is needed
I was on my way to Boracay last Saturday when a friend informed me that there’s going to be a seminar on Money Matters sponsored by a certain insurance company.
I was actually excited about the news, unlike those who think insurance company is a thing that you should avoid because they would sell you something.
Our future is the most uncertain thing in our life, we never know what will happen to us . No matter how prepare are we, there are certain things that we cannot control but there are people who are there who could help us.
I could say that I have everything that I need but honestly there is still a lot to learn. I have planned my future well but I am not an expert and it helps to learn more so that you could improve it more and pass it again on the next generation.

Last July 16, 2016, I attended the 2nd session of Brighter Life Institute Workshop in Sun Life’s headquarters at Bonifacio Global City. It’s about Planning and Managing Expenses led by Mr. Aya Laraya, who is an advocate of Financial Freedom and a Brighter Life Coach.  For more than 2 hours, I have gained information that could have me have a better understanding on my plans of the future.

It's a day full of  informative learning which added to what I have done and know already
And since this event is so important for others to be know, I am sharing to you my video coverage of the seminar.

We need to learn about financial literacy because it will help us for a brighter future
For more information do check their website: For inquiries or if do you want talk to their Financial Advisor, call Trunkline: 555-8888 and their Call Center (Sunlink): (632) 849-9888.

Planning your future start now, now tomorrow, I know this and I want you to experience what life can offer if you plan for your future and that means knowing what’s happening with your expenses whether it’s big or small.
Just like what I have said to my daughter who doesn’t know where her money goes, download wally plus app for a start , this will help you on your  journey about planning and managing your hard earn money.
Wally plus app is not complicated but at least you can track your expenses and prepare a brighter future for yourself  one step at a time.
Have a brighter future, that’s my plan.
Let’s start planning yours…


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