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Shopping Haven in Metro Walk Ortigas : Mall of Korea

Fashion haven are located in place like Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea, maybe that is why we love to visit these countries during our out of the country trips

But now, we can go to fashion haven Korea every day of the week because Mall of Korea recently opened its door to the public

From stylish clothes,cosmetics, accessories, and other fabulously interesting finds, Mall of Korea has it all for you.

Mall of Korea is located  at the 2nd floor of Metro walk Complex in Ortigas


Shopping for Korean finds was never this SEOULfully delighTul!               

These are creation of their Chairwoman Nina Lee. Madam Lee was no ordinary when it comes to fashion industry. She’s a Korean designer since 1975 with more than 60 shops in her country. She was also the Director of Korea Business Association for five years. Falling in love with all her creation is as easy as 1.2.3 because they were really amazing

I had fun shopping with my daughter and we will surely be back again

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