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The Mind Museum : A World Class Science Museum now in the Philippines

One of my ways in teaching my children anything under the sun is to expose them to whatever it was I want them to learn or appreciate. I want them to appreciate music; I will bring them to music concerts. I want them to learn how to dance, there’s the endless recital of dance show. If I want them to appreciate the beauty of things, I make it a point that they were there. My children appreciate what they can see or hear. There are art museum, but then why limit my children to just one side of their brain.

I met a friend (hope he too consider me one) a few months ago, who mentioned that he’s working a particular museum, a science museum. I do went before to a science museum, but it was to far from our residence and I don’t find it quite equipped with the technology that a museum should have to make it appealing to its client

My eldest daughter is a science fanatic, she may be a major in violin but she also compete in behalf of the school with regards to science thingy (as she says).Science is a big world and I haven’t yet found a place where she will be satisfied. Now come the exciting news. The place that was mentioned will be finally be open for public viewing.
So far this is what I learn in which I’m so excited to find out and for the children to enjoy.

The Mind Museum, the first world-class science museum in the Philippines. It will open in December 2011 and shall be located inside the Fort, in Taguig, Philippines.

The Mind Museum: Coming in December 2011

"To build a home for science and to make it the FIRST WORLD-CLASS SCIENCE MUSEUM in the Philippines." 

As the project's vision also states, they want to make it a "defining legacy that will give the next generation the wings to fly against the challenge of a future shaped largely by service and technology." 

The museum houses 5 galleries and has 2 levels. They are the following:

The Story of the Universe: Its Beginning and Majesty
The Story of the Earth: Its Story Across the Breadth of Time
The Story of Life: The Exuberant Varieties of Life
The Story of the Atom: The Strange World of the Very Small
The Story of Technology: The Showcase of Human Ingenuity

"With over 250 inter-active “minds-on” and hands-on exhibits, the museum will be a venue that will present science as entertaining, fun, and engaging," the Mind Museum website states.

Support The Mind Museum
Building a museum of this caliber is a big project. Its cost is in the P1 billion. It has already achieved great strides in making happen what it has at the moment - thanks to several corporate, private and individual sponsors who support the vision. You too can help! For as little as P1,000, you can donate and help build The Mind Museum. See here for details. Once you donate, you get to have a star, planet or galaxy named after you or a name you nominate, in their virtual exhibits.
Donate, Volunteer, Spread the Word!
Here is the sample badge, click here for more details

Minds at Work Campaign: Be the first to experience The Mind Museum

On behalf of the museum, I invite you to support this project by spreading the word about it and yes, making a donation. When you donate based on these mechanics, you may get invited to be among the first to experience The Mind Museum’s first exhibit testing event called 'Minds at Work'. This will be on May 26, 2011 at the NBC Tent, Bonifacio Global City. Get a chance to manipulate and play with a varied selection of exciting and engaging exhibit pieces that will give you a foretaste of the science fascination that will greet you when the museum is completed this December. This privilege is open to the first 75 donors only. Hurry! Read the mechanics here.

Thank you to Ten Minute Tops for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful event.

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