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My Scholarship Story

want to share a story with regards to the scholarship that gave my children a chance to be able to study in top school. It also started 19 yrs ago by accident.
My husband and I were planning to purchase a vehicle that we could use for the business. We search the ads for a 2nd hand pick which we could use for personal and business deals.
Little did I know that this activity will lead me to an interview with the father of the owner of the vehicle. As we waited for the person, the father was telling us that his sons studies in one of the top universities of our country (UP Diliman). So curious about it, that we let him does all the talking. His sons finish a course in film and were able to graduate because he was a scholar. He was able to enter the Philippine High School of the Arts majoring in visual arts and enter UP Diliman. He was a scholar from high school to college. Little did I know that the man were talking about is Raymond Red, the director of SAKAY. Raymond receives numerous awards for the film SAKAY.
To make the story short, I was able to meet Raymond and ask him a few details about his school and the scholarships.  From that meeting, I was able to get a new 2nd hand car and an idea that made my children what they are today.

I’m a mother of five smart and talented kids. I thank God for giving me this blessing. I have 2 college student, 2 high schools and 1 grade schooler. I was able to send them to school thru scholarships.
My daughters who are college student were able to finish high school because of scholarships. My 2nd daughter who is a violinist is now a scholar at the University of Sto Tomas. My two girls are in high school because of scholarship. I am now training my youngest child, my only boy in preparation as to how he can be a scholar someday.

I will be posting scholarship that you can avail in high school and in college.
I will be sharing to you some of my ways as to why I was able to get these scholarships for my children.

 This is one of the performances in which my daughter ELAIZA JEM played the violin

My eldest daughter ERICA JOYCE was able to perform in concert
She graduated at the Berea Arts and Science High School ( 1st Honorable)

Eira Joanne

My EIRA JOANNE during one of their recital  in PHSA 
She is on incoming 3rd yr majoring in Ballet

Eira Joanne and Eloisa Jessa ( my 4th daughter major in Ballet)

This is my only son and the bunso, EJ during his fencing competion
EJ is an incoming Grade 5 at the ATENEO de MANILA

I thank GOD for giving me a chance to be the mother of this five wonderful kid

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