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Temptation of Wife: The Love and Hate Drama

I love you
I hate you.
How many times did we say that?
How many person have we meet that those words where delivered?

The Temptation of Wife is a program worth watching for. Not that I recommend that you be a " Kabit " or a "2nd Wife" for that matter. The story was close to the drama that we wife goes through because of his love to his husband. It's also a story of a 2nd women who will do anything to get the man she loves and to give her child a father. A man who don't have a backbone but in the end stand beside his love.
Every character portray is driven by desire. Desire to love, desire to be loved, desire for revenge, desire for a child lost.
The story shows how strong the woman is. To be able to go through many trials and pains but still emerge as a winner. How painful it may be, but in the end, the love in our hearth makes see the true meaning of life. Many of the line delivered will make you cry for it touches the hearth of every woman. The story teaches everyone that in the end, LOVE and FORGIVENESS will always prevail

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