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The 1st Original Pinoy Dating Game: DREAMDATE

This coming July 15, Friday at 11: 30 pm, a 1st Original Filipino dating game show will be aired at Studio 23. Together with Hello Media, they join forces to boost romance on Philippine TV by launching a new level of show dubbed as DREAM DATE.

Dream Date is the first ever tri-media, dating game l-lifestyle show in the country created by Filipinos. All TV viewers all over the country and in the world are invited to experience the dawning of this new era of dating activity.

Just imagine connecting all three main media outlets – mobile, online, and television to meet the demand of today’s generation of digital consumers with regards to entertainment, interaction and user generated content

The nation’s very own and first on-line and mobile dating-lifestyle network, CHUZI will provide the show with its unique match-making system. The matchmaker guarantees a selection process that is exciting yet safe, non-offensive and free from rejection.  Chuzi will make sure that they will be link to one they’re attracted to and are attracted to them, a memorable experience will never forget. The DreamDate show is actually an extension of Chuzi. In hopes of finding their match, the aspiring contestant has a choice to enroll thru internet or their mobile phone and will be analyzed based on their success with the game to be able to join the DREAMDATE show.

DREAMDATE will be based on their looks, personality and special talent. With 6 contestants to start with, question and challenges will be face by the participants for them to have the chance to vote for their compatible partner

Hosted by LOVE Guru VJ Bianca Roque and Love Cupid Andrei Felix of Umagang KayGanda, DREAMDATE Executive Producer David Abrenilla believes that the duo is the perfect match to find everyone’s dreamdate.

Digital Age now have a match made in heaven through DREAMDATE. I found out that DREAMDATE is for everyone and everyone with a big heart for upgrading their relational and communication skills and with a great spirit for expressing and sharing their love quotient.

And believe me when I tell you that this is for everyone, as long as you have the guts to join. This is open for all, not just the beautiful and macho type, whether you’re small, big and whatever, just log on to CHUZI.COM

So guys, what are you waiting for, it’s a chance of a lifetime. Finding your partner will never be the same again. Just have the heart and be true to yourself, for it will guide you to your DREAMDATE.

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