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Amazing Cooking Kids Final Five!

It would be quite a sight to see me sitting through a children’s show, or any show outside the primetime block for that matter, I simply couldn’t find the time. More often than not, they showcase kids dancing, singing, or acting out drama or comedy. Anyone would find something cute and bubbly here and there in just about every kiddie show out there. When I finally concluded that just about every kiddie show that has come into existence has fallen victim to stereotyping, I came across a show that left me in awe. I’m a mother who has had to facilitate the growth of a child five times over. Time and again, I had to exercise the fundamentals of parenting, and so the undying lecture, “don’t touch the knife, you might get hurt” had become an almost-mantra from as far back as eighteen years ago. It would be an understatement to say that I was shocked into speechlessness as I sat through a show, a televised talent search, featuring aspiring master chefs wielding their knives as they create their own culinary masterpiece, and they’re kids, no less!

Amazing Cooking Kids aired their pilot episode last April 16 and continued every Saturday before Eat Bulaga. I just couldn’t fathom how children between nine and twelve could possess a skill that some adults had to acquire through formal lessons. The qualified dozen of participants were selected from a series of screenings in SM Malls from different parts of Luzon. Selection was not based on height, weight, or age, for as long as they possess the undeniable passion for cooking with talent to match, they were definite shoo-ins. Different reasons for cooking, varied styles in cooking, but the one thing that’s certain would be, these kids can cook, superb. The Amazing Cooking Kids kept me updated for new takes on cooking, and now you ask me what’s a mom doing sitting through a kiddie show for cooking tips, I did mention that it would be quite a sight  

I was given an opportunity to be able to visit the set of the Amazing Cooking Kids at the GMA7 Studio 4.  Talking with Ms. Carmina Villaruel was a treat. She shares how hosting the Amazing Cooking had opened a new door for her. Cooking was out of character for her. Having been amazed as to what the kids can do, she learned that taking cooking lessons were open to all ages. 

Mommy Lariza with Ms. Carmina Villaruel and co-bloggers

Set -up

There were also chances to chat with the chef judges: Rosebud Benitez, famous for her 10 minute kitchen wonders in Quickfire; Chef Jackie Ang-Po, owner of Fleur De Lys Patisserie and former host of True Confection and Delicioso; And Chef GB Barlao, Vice President of Magsaysay Center for Hospitality and Culinary Arts (MICHA). The three reputable chefs determine who stays and who goes.
The Judges

They share how amazed they were as to what the children can do, despite their age. They even pondered on which of them would follow their paths and replace them in a couple of years. Although they adored the kids, they still addressed the professionalism from the inner master chefs in the kids when it came down to business. They guided the children as to how to improve their skills, although they guaranteed that all the children indeed had potential.
It would easily translate that they treated the children like adults without losing sight of their youth and sensitivity. Despite my initial shock in seeing children handle the hazardous materials that make up the kitchen, I later found out that they did not compromise their safety. The kitchen only presented the best and safest equipment that provided by the hands behind the show. Also, after an elimination round, a psychologist was present to assist the child in coping with the feeling of loss, something that the children are not used to, as their young minds have yet to understand that it is inevitable. But you know, what’s unexpected and yet unsurprising is the little trivia that I heard, that it is usually the parents who take on the greater pressure in their defeat. I thought something along the lines of “Really now, so I see I’m not alone when it comes to these things!” and I immediately felt relief.

From the twelve finalists know as the Amazing Dozen only Tisha Puldado of Bulacan, Duday Reyes of Quezon City, Budik Villalobos of Cavite, Angela Clarke of Quezon City and Ronin Leviste of Makati are left. Who gets eliminated this Saturday? Who among this Amazing 5 keep their chance on being called as the first ever Amazing Cooking Kids?

I’m rooting for Budik


  1. this is nice.looking forward to see whos gonna win :)nice write up Mommy L

  2. can't wait to watch the finale :D



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