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The Search is on !GSM Blueniversity Flair Idol 2011

Do believe if I told that I don’t drink alcohol and yet ended up the Toma cum laude at the recent GSM Blueniversity 2011 launch held last June 17, 2011 at the A-Venue’s Capone Bistro. I was able to go thru my forty two years of existence with out alcohol as part of my social life. But the GSM Blueniversity Mixology Seminar was an eye opener to me with regards to drinking. I learn so many facts and health benefits that help me better understand alcohol particularly the gin. 

Gin is a very interesting and healthy drink. Gin is the only alcohol liquor that was first developed as medicine remedy before it became popular as a social drink. Gin has many health benefits. Drinking moderate amount of any kind of alcohol is said to be very good for our health. I found out that one of the topmost Gin Health benefits is that it is said to be the best natural remedy for arthritis and maybe that is why there are so many senior citizen out there who are gin drinkers. 
To be a Toma cum laude that night, I had to compete with two other blogger whom I believe are regular drinker. There are six cups of cocktail mixes that’s so smooth and light that I was able to take it just like that. It’s nice to know that there is alcohol that would fit my taste. I’m not encouraging you to a lasengo or anything of that matter. I’m just saying that if ever you have to drink in a gathering or social activity, you have an idea just like me, as to what to order.
It’s also the night that showcases the talents behind mixing drinks and cocktail. A hands-on and fun –filled program was presented to show us what a Mixology Seminar workshop is all about.There are a basic module on cocktail mixing that was offered. They teach us how to mix drinks.  GSM Blue flair-tenders show case their talents on prowess in tossing, balancing and flipping bottles in the air. I was so amaze by the display of skill they possess.
With the act of mixing becoming a trend, it became a formal workshop, from its humble beginning in mixing drinks in a friend’s house to school course. A yearly program by GSM blue, the goal of the GMS Blueniversity is to educate HRM students, future bartenders, and bartenders-at-heart on how to become confident, knowledgeable, and capable in the realm of bartending and mixing drinks

With that idea on mind, GSM Blue once again is inviting everyone to attend its GSM Blueniversity and be a part of the FLAIR IDOL 2011. So much are as stake but the bragging rights of being this year winner will be the feather that you want to put on your cap.

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