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Be Beautiful, Be Visible by Clarity

Just how can you say that you are truly beautiful?
Do you believe that being beautiful is having a beautiful body or face?
Do you feel beautiful?
What is beautiful to you?

Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Clinic recently start their Be Visible campaign.  Known for their professional beauty and dental transformations, they believe that there’s more to it than just the physical appearance.

Clarity believes that the road does not end in being aesthetically pleasing. Being beautiful is being visible. Being visible, meanwhile, is putting that beauty into action. To achieve more in life, one has to be visible in their chosen endeavor. At Clarity, being able to show what they got, show their self-confidence and become noticeable, that is visible” said Carmie de Leon, VP for sales and marketing of Clarity.

The Be Visible campaign is Clarity’s way of empowering ordinary people to fully improve themselves and achieve a positive self-image. Self esteem and how to carry your self in the limelight should go hand in hand in how you project your personality. I for one believe that beauty should start from the inside, so that you could have the positive aura as people called it. Shifting your paradigm is another way of showing your positive outlook in life. Having the confidence and training also contributes on your personality. With that in mind, Clarity partnered with John Robert Powers to strengthen the transformations the Be Visible campaign is all about.

Beauty and personality development goes together in making sure that we project the right image. Having both qualities will surely help us to be noticeable with regards to employment or community objective. I am truly grateful that there are companies that believe that they can assist and facilitate what we need. There is nothing wrong if we want to improve ourselves thru science, what matter is how we carry out the result.

With be Be Visible campaign, Clarity will be offering corporations and individuals the “Be Visible Plans” which included personalized packages that combines the company’s core specialization-dental and dermatological services, with John Powers’ consultation hours. “With Be Visible, we are offering free consultation, customized beauty plans from Clarity doctors, and discount to free offerings form John Powers, Zest Air, and other partners, “Dr. Lipana Added.

Located at the fifth level of Shangri-la Mall, Clarity is a 100% subsidiary of Healthway Medical Clinic. 

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