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Dell Launch the Connected Classroom for Better Learning Environment

Do you still remember those days when a whole class has to share one computer? Those days when you have to wait just to take a peek on the monitor or a minute to try the keyboard or mouse. Technology had gone a long way. Everyone now, in one way or another have the gadget to communicate.  The modern age is here. From PC, comes the laptop, notebook and the most recent one, IPod2. This technology had helped us to improve our lives. These gadgets made our social communication easier. From network, leisure, school work or office work, we have definitely advanced. 

Believing that technology should make our life easier, DELL announced advancement to its Connected Classroom learning environment with a number of products and solutions. These helps provide schools and teachers with the necessary technology and understanding to transform the traditional classroom into an environment in which students can be nurtured and prepared for life in the digital age. New technologies enable teachers to more effectively engage students and individualize instruction with the easy access to rich and diverse digital content
By incorporating innovative, educational functionality into multi-purpose devices, such as teacher and students Pcs and classroom projectors, school can minimize the cost of purchasing and managing dedicated hardware devices and focus resources on enhancing teaching and learning.
I found out that with just a minimum budget of more than One Hundred Thousand, your school can start acquiring the whole start up gadget. Since everyone has a fascination on notebook or laptop, we might as well use this in the advantage of the student to further their learning. With teacher controlling the overall class, no student would be left behind. Every moment or website can be control even without the teachers leaving their table. Even the student won’t be afraid to ask question without the knowledge of the other student. A more personal approach could be experience even with more than 30 students per classroom. 

Dell launch includes the following:
Dell Latitude 2011 notebook

Dell Latitude XT2 Tablet OC

Ergotron TeachWell Mobile Digital Platform

Dell S300wi Interactive, Short Throw Projector

Rani Burchmore, Head of Education Practice for Dell

Ricky B. Lopez. Country Manager for Medium and Large Enterprise
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