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A Movie Date at the Blogger's Blowout

I love to watch movies, new ones and old ones alike. A love comedy or action comedy here and there

I attended a Bloggers Blow-out courtesy of Orange Magazine and Astrovision/Astroplus. There are actually three sets of blogger : the Music, the gadget and for the movies.

With rampant piracy of DVD and download, it’s nice to know that there is a store that still wants to provide quality DVD or CD.

Astroplus and Astrovision is the country’s leading Entertainment Lifestyle Store that offers the latest movies, the hard to find one, the favorite, what can I say: it offers a variety for the young ones and young once. Astro prides itself in providing a wide array of products to enhance the entertainment experience partnered with homegrown customer service, ensuring that every visit to Astro is worthwhile.

Upon entering its branch in Glorietta 5, I just couldn’t stop myself to go around, spotted several DVD of my favorite movies.

For us movie blogger, the afternoon would not be complete without the presentation of the latest movies from Warner Bros. Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures and the new release in DVD and Blue ray from Magnavision, Viva Videos and C Interactive. There are also copies of Blue Lantern, Limitless and Bolt and not to mention the give away from Twilight, Smurfs, Harry Potter and X-men. I got to take home awesome souvenirs from the event.

To know more about the latest in videos, music and gadgets by logging on to the official facebook of Astroplus at

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