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FilaArt at Jills = Fila + ATAT Riders

 Fila and ATAT join forces and Fila ART was launch last July 9,2014 at Jill BGC.

Passion is what drive every man as passion is the burning desire to do better and to enjoy what you do best. Fila's passion for the art and ATAT Motorcycle Club passion for riding makes them a good team.
Fila recently support the passion to ignite in every ATAT rider to be better, to influence, to fullfill a dream' to ride and to soar high as what FILA stands for.

ATAT can partner with anyone but it choose FILA because they believe in the passion of commitment. FILA can support any one but it choose to support ATAT because they believe in dedication of each rider to do better and inform others about the definition of soaring high with your rides.
Double celebration was at hand during the night since it was also Ms. Cris Albert birthday.

Members of Philippine Volcanoes , ATAT Riders, and FILA endorsers were present as well as media partner to make this night memorable for FILA's boss, Ms. Cris Albert.
One again, Congratulation to the Partnership and kudos to Ms. Cherry Bustamente Burwell (  Advertising and Promotion Manager of Fila Philippines ) for making the event a night to remember.

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