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Thai Raksa Healing Spa = Health and Wellness

Whenever I visit spa; normal services like massage, facial, body scrub are the one’s listed on the board. Thai Raksa Healing Spa is not your ordinary spa. Thai Raksa is located at Shaw Bldvd. and if you’re looking for just ordinary; better went  somewhere else because Thai Raksa is more than a spa. Thai Raksa is a place where wellness and health is the main purpose of existence. If I’m looking for massage, I can get it anywhere but I value my health and this is where Thai Raksa is comes in.

I believe that doing the extra ordinary is my way to treat myself of unwanted toxic and Thai Raksa offers acupuncture. To us, acupuncture is a form of Chinese medicine that has been practiced for centuries. It’s based on the theory that energy called chi flows thorough and around our body along pathways called meridians.  Acupuncture believes that illness occurs when something blocks or unbalances our chi, Acupuncture is a way to unblock or influence chi and help it flow back into balance. Acupuncture is done by putting every thin needle into your skin at certain points on your body. This is done to influences the energy flow. Sometimes heat, pressure or mild electrical current is used along with needles.

This acupuncture is for my anti aging session, 26 needles are put in my entire face and yet i don't feel any pain. This only cost around P 1, 500 per session compare to other beauty spa that charges more than P 7,000 pesos
Needles were place all over my meridian point to let the energy flow and bring it back to it's balance state. A large amount of electric current runs in my whole body. A painful electric current was felt at my foot which signifies the weakness of my kidney  and thru acupuncture, This treatment would take me around 12 sessions and hopefully everything will be okey.

Thai Raksa Spa  believes that traditional and integrative medicine possess potential power to achieve health and wellness to everyone. Thai Raksa means Thai healing was conceived to provide a unique and cutting edge healing spa with a repository of different and effective healing modalities like massage, acupuncture and reiki (energy healing)

Thai Raksa Healing Spa was established to provide a new experience to clients to facilitate healing by manipulating energy meridians through touch, needling, and non-invasive manipulation to achieve energy balance so the chi, blood, fluids, and essence inside the body is reinvigorated. Thai Raksa provides massage through it's DOH-licensed massage therapist and acupuncture through it's DOH-licensed acupuncturists from the members of the League of Acupuncturist and Integrative Medicine Practicioners in the Philippines. Just saying that we are in good hands because they are experience on their own field.

Ms. Catherine Joyce, a Nepal trained psychic with almost fifteen years practice on chakra and energy healing and a DOH-licensed massage therapist is the founder and in charge of the Reiki. Thai Raksa is conceptualized las 2013 and open it's door to the public last June 28,2013.


  1. Thank you once again Mommy Lariza for featuring Thai Raksa Spa on your site. See you again at the spa.

  2. Obviously chiropractic Toronto adjustments look a little different for kids since they are smaller and more delicate, so instead my chiropractor uses something called an "activator."



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