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Hepamin OD: Silymarin in Action

Last week, a post in Fb made me cry. A batch mate of mine die because of liver cirrhosis and she’s only 44 and with kids that are still young. A week after that Mark Gil also was reported died because of liver cirrhosis, that’s two strikes in a row. Ordinary person or a celebrity can be both victims of liver cirrhosis and the sad part is, this disease is reversible if diagnose at its early stage. The liver is the largest glandular organ in the body and performs many vital functions to keep the body from toxins and harmful substances. It is a vital organ that supports nearly every organ in the body in some facet.  Without a healthy liver, a person cannot survive.
Last September 4 at 6 p.m., I was invited by Trianon International in a health forum with guest speaker, Dra. Katherine Arupo-Reyes, an occupational medicine specialist, which as broaden my awareness for NAFLD and liver care.

In 2010, Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease or NAFLD prevalence in the Philippines is 17.2 percent. It is an abnormal accumulation of fat in the liver cells. It can be harmless, but sometimes it may cause the liver to swell. It is a common condition. The risk factors of NAFLD include Diabetes, Obesity, High fat diet, and certain medicines.

“The first line of treatment would depend on what is the cause. If the cause is obesity, definitely weight reduction and exercise should be recommended. Sometimes we will refer them to nutritionists for proper guidance. If he/she has fatty liver, SGPT and the SGOT is high, that’s the time we give hepatotrophic agents for whatever its worth”, said Dr. Jane Ricaforte-Campos, an internist-gastroenterologist.

One of the liver-protective supplements given to those with fatty liver is silymarin, a milk thistle from Europe and the United States. And with diabetes becoming prevalent, silymarin is now also being prescribed by physicians as a prophylaxis for progression of fatty liver to more severe forms of liver disease.
HEPAMIN OD having highest silymarin content of 300mg with additional 150 mg of other hepato protective agent. Silymarin is now also being prescribed by physicians as prophylaxis for progression of fatty liver to more severe form of liver disease
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