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Rue Bourbon Pub and Restaurant Eastwood: Good for the Young and Young Once

I could say I’m one of the first frequent visitor of Eastwood, way back in year 2000 when building and condominium started sprouting like mushroom. I saw how the whole Eastwood evolves and became one of the favourite tamabayan of the people. It also became the spot for BPO offices because of its accessible site.
I was able to become familiar with the entire restaurant and hang out places with my kids, since it’s the nearest place to go from our residence. As the kids started growing, it also means that I’m closing to my midlife crisis (crisis talaga). Well as I age, I choose the places to go to and I usually stay away from pub and bars since I’m not an alcohol drinker. I usually associated pub and bar place with noise and smoke and dark lights and stools
And then Rue Bourbon comes along,   a New Orleans inspired pub and restaurant located at the EastWood City Walk; you cannot miss this 2 storey.  I found out that this is the 3rd branch own by Maya (Jodi Sta Maria) of Be Careful with My Heart and I definitely love her character and I want to get to know her insights with regards to Rue Bourbon. The place has a Mardi Grass feel, with cosy couches and lovely chandeliers. 

The lighting is just right (Hindi masakit SA mata and enough to see the faces of the people and your food). The high stools have cushions and makakarelax ka talaga together with the music that are being played by acoustic artist.

I was hungry and I was happy that they serve real food that’s not only good in my eyes but with my tummy as well.

I started with my Clams and Shrimp Chowder ( P160). The soup is just right, not to liquid and guess what hindi sya puro soup, it got lots of clamps and shrimps and other ingredients that makes the soup a meal of its own.  

My table mates order some appetizers as well, like The Bayou ( P 475), it's actually good for four persons so hindi ko masasabi na sya ay pricey. There's crispy fish, shrimp and onion rings and delicious dips on the side.

My brother orders a Roast Beef Hash (P350). Its Angus Beef Belly cooked just right with fried potatoes and buttered vegetables. The meat is tender plus the potatoes are not soggy. This is one the best seller in the house; you can have this with rice or with bread. 
I got to taste the Spicy Seafood Agli Olio (P390). The pasta is al dente and the way they cooked it with olive oil and garlic chilli makes it more appetizing. It’s not oily and I love every bite that I made.
I love nachos and the good thing about Rue Bourbon is; I got to choose between beef and chicken. Normally when you say Nachos, that means beef but at Rue Bourbon; they have chicken as well with Barbeque sauce as topping Rou Nachos cost P450 and it's good for 6 people. A good deal in my pocket.

Since we are a large crowd, I was able to get a glimpse of the other dishes and my friends told me that they are satisfied with the order they had made... I wasn't able to get the all the names of dishes but tried them anyway.

Salisbury Steak ( P 295), this 1/3 pound pure beef putty is a knock out. The beef are so compact that there's no air in between and you will surely feel full once your done. Horray to the garlic rice,I love it.

This is the one that really hold my heart and tummy, The Baked Fish (P370), the creamy dory with pesto herbs is a sure winner. Even my table mates love it.

For dessert, you can choose between Bourbon Cheese Cake ( 195) and Choco Lava ( P255). Both have the sweetness that you will love after having a sumptuous meal.

As for the drinks, they say you to try their famous caramel beer (P280)
They also have fruit shake, like this ripe mango shake (P 130) that I ordered
There was also a showcase of different flavour beer in shots

Try some strawberry mojito (P230) for a change 
All in all, I had a wonderful time and didn’t feel out of place. I will surely recommend this place to women with my age bracket (45 yrs old. Don’t be afraid to try and came inside the Rue Bourbon because there is more on what you see and hear inside the Rue Bourbon Pub and Restaurant.

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