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Lactacyd unveiled its latest range and newest ambassador

Lactacyd recently launched its latest range of product and formally introduced its newest ambassador last Sept 4, 2014 at Crowne Plaza Hotel, with the presence of its company officials, VIP’s and selected media.
Lactacyd, for 25 years has been providing safe and natural intimate care essentials. Lactacyd now offers more choices and distinct benefits that match the various personalities, lifestyles and hygienic care needs of today’s modern women. Made from natural and mild milk-based ingredients, lactoserum and lactic acid-Lactacyd’s unique formulation complements a woman’s Ph while effectively helping to prevent irritation and problems caused by bacteria.
Anne Curtis : Brand Ambassador

"Personally, I make sure to bring out my best in all performances, whether they are on television, film and even in real life. To do so, I have to be always healthy and confident, and that includes taking care of myself so I could be consistently on top of my game and focused on everything I do" , Anne uses Lactacyd since 2012

Lactacyd Event Photos

As for the Lactacyd products, check which one suits our need

Lactacyd Protecting is for women who want pure cleansing. This is for those who experience irritation as a result of daily activities and humidity. Thanks to lactoserum and lactic acid, this classic Lactacyd keeps itching, irritation and odour away through its delicate caring properties.

Lactacyd White Intimate is a whitening feminine wash that provides women with safe and clinically tested cleansing with effective lightening of the bikini area. With natural plant based Actipone-B, marine based Algowhite  and milk ingredients, Lactacyd white gently lightens the intimate area within 4 weeks that’s why it’s preferred by 9 out of 10 Asian women.

Lactacyd Revitalize is an innovative feminine wash that goes beyond cleansing, Promoting both skin elasticity and softness, it has Vitamin E and collagen which are known ingredients to enhance skin softness, suppleness and firmness. Users claim to achieve 90% skin youthfulness in just 10 days

Lactacyd All –Day Care provides the right amount for our everyday cleansing.  This variant combines natural milk extracts with light floral scent that gently cleanses and refreshes the intimate area. It also comes in handy All-day Care Wipes for on the go feminine care

The latest variant, Lactacyd Cool and Fresh, helps woman stay pleasantly protected and confident with its longer lasting freshness. Made with menthol essences and milk extracts, this clear and mildly soothing variant effectively provides cooling and lasting freshness against the sticky –icky feeling down there.

The Lactacyd intimate care range is now available in leading drugstore, supermarkets and beauty shops nationwide.

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