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My Organic Menu and Experience at Potts Point Cafe

Turning to a healthy buff has become my goal since my mom pass away. I value what I eat since it will affect my body.  Going around the metro and experiencing different cuisine has been my passion but then I become conscious on what I consume.  Not complaining or anything on what I could say a privileged that I have since I become a blogger but I kind of limit myself on some of the dishes that I sample.   I love to eat and I really eat a lot, but now a day, I limit myself to salad and fish and chicken. I go for low fat and less sodium kind of dishes.
Just imagine a food blogger that’s becoming choosy on her food, but this is what I can say “there’s always a gold at the end of the rainbow”.  Recently, the people behind Swensen’s Philippines and The Old Spaghetti House opened Potts Point Cafe.  Pott Point Cafe is located at the 2nd Floor Veranda of Eastwood Mall (where Swensen’s was located), the restaurant is for those people that value good food and good ambiance plus a whole lot more. What great about Potts Point Cafe is; they served organic food and that means gold for me. The dishes from Potts Point Cafe were made from chemical and pesticide free ingredients and that’s hallelujah for me.

The cafe is chic and homey and most of the displays are books and magazine which I think we can borrow while waiting for our order.  A huge blackboard and great lighting surely attract my attention.  The utensils place on the table also catch my attention, simple set up but it surely serves its purpose.

And not let the good brunch begin, and by the way; the servings are good for two.

I love salad and the mixed organic rocket salad with glazed walnut, pears, parmesan shaves, dried cranberries and raspberry vinaigrette is a sure knock out for me. It cost P 430 for sharing and P 230 for solo. You might say that it’s a bite pricey but how much you value your health is the basis of the price. Organic ingredients are really costly but medicine and hospitalization is bigger than that, don’t you think.

 Next is the soup, roasted organic butternut squash soup with organic bacon and cream cheese ravioli. This bowl cost P 190. The soup is definitely creamy and I love that it’s not to liquid; they got me on this one because I don’t mind eating it all for myself.

Seared Australian grass-fed beef pie with mashed potatoes and green (salad P 345). Its beef and salad plus potatoes which I appreciate since it’s not that mushy thing that you get from other restaurant. There are still chunk of potato that you can chew on, plus the beef are tender and goes well with the freshly baked pie
Organic Fried Buttermilk Porkchop with Apple-Maple Bread Pudding and Herbed Mashed Potatoes (Php 345). I skip the porkchop but attack the mashed potato; but they said that the porkhop is tender ( I have a buddy with me)
Fried Organic Mushroom Risotto Balls with Creamy Tomato Puree (Php 220). Love the filling that’s inside the Risotto Ball. You will be surprise on what’s inside those balls.
This is a Vietnamese style  organic slow roast pork belly with nuoc cham ( dipping sauce) and pineapple rice cost P 375; not bad because the pork is a really succulent and full of flavour.

Organic Roasted Chicken Fillet with salsa Verde, Mango Cream, Yoghurt, and Quinoa-Red Rice Salad (Php 335).  The plating gives justice to it’s taste, it’s really delicious and juicy and

Strawberry, Kiwi and Cream Cheese Crumpets with Hot Chocolate (Php 230). I love desserts and this one did justice to it’s plating. Hail to the crumpets

We had two more desserts that we tasted.

Butterscotch Budino with salted Caramel and Diamond Sable Cookies (Php 160)
Oozin Ozzie Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream (Php 230). This one will melt in your mouth.
What a great way to end your meal but with a  cup of latte coffe.
It was nice knowing that there are cafe that value the health and wellness of their customer. You may say that's it's a bit pricey but if you think about it, going on medication and hospital is more costly. Going back to basic is one sure way of preventing illness and we could still enjoy the best thing in life if we know where to find it. Potts Points Cafe is an organic , friendly cafe and it sure deserves your visit.

Check out their place at Potts Point Cafe in Eastwood Mall
2/F Veranda, Eastwood Mall, Quezon City
(02) 426 1635

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