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Higanteng Dumi sa Higanteng Fiesta, Kayang Kaya with Ariel

When you're a mom to five kids, it's no secret that everything must be neatly scheduled. There's no time for dilly-dally, or else chores and such will definitely pile up on you. Laundry, for example, is a staple duty of a mom. It is a dire task, and takes up most of your time – or all of your time if you don't know how to. And Unfortunately, I, who started working at a young age, did not learn how to do it properly. I was focused on working outside, and providing for my family. Thus, needless to say, the stress that tagged along was not to be taken lightly.

Besides laundry, there is a general rule that mothers' musn’t settle for anything less than what's best when it goes down to her kids. Everything must be thoroughly scanned and checked. There's no room for “pwede na yan” judgements. Why? Of course, it's all for their sake. However, when your kids are a handful, five to be exact, choosing what's best is not the only agenda, but choosing what's best within the budget.

I can say that I'm a very practical mom. I know how to stretch a peso into something worth more – of course without sacrificing the quality. I am kuripot, and all my children are very aware of this. Gambling is not my game. I allot my money only on things that I am sure of.

Now, whenever I encounter a new product, my motto is “to see is to believe”. I have come across so many products that promise so much yet prove so little, and every time this happens I learn to be wiser in choosing. I must not be swayed by the grand commercials and advertisements, but the product itself.
Last week, Manny Paquiao was not the only one to face a fight. I too went battle laundry that day! Ariel hosted an event in Angono with the theme: Higanteng Linis, Higanteng Fiesta, wherein a thousand people will be fed. True to its word, the gathering mirrored a grand fiesta! Hordes of people came in despite the hot weather. It was so nice to see the very long line of people, along with the rows of perfectly white table cloths. Why white? Well, the event's purpose was to let the people enjoy food without worrying about the mess.

Everyone enjoyed all kinds of food served for lunch. Also, there were fun games and a raffle. There was also a photo booth that ensured nobody would go home empty-handed. And of course, the Ariel team made sure to give away amazing prizes to take home by the participants! 

While everyone was enjoying the prepared feast, Rocksteddy serenaded the crowd. Meanwhile, the Ariel team was busy preparing the cloths' laundrying. I chose 8 table cloths that really looked messed up. They were filled with sauces and dirt patches of all kind. I personally joined the team in washing these cloths to see for myself if what the TV ads said were true. We soaked them for about 20 minutes and voila! It really worked as promised. The stains were very loose and easy to hand washing. They looked brand-new! If I did not join the team in washing, I might've thought that they replaced them with new ones. To make sure that they were thoroughly cleaned, the cloths were paraded and inspected by different people. Of course, they found nothing but white. You may think I'm exaggerating but I'm not. Why not test it yourself?

20 minutes of laundry with Ariel – that saves a lot of time in mom's world. It's pocket-friendly, and efficient. Definitely, I will stay loyal to Ariel, because as the saying goes, “It's small but terrible”.

Free lunch. Prizes. Rocksteddy. A total knock-out victory against those dreaded stains if you ask me. This is my day. My Ariel day at Angono.


More photos, hahaha, di pa tapos


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