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Oasis Garden Cafe: For Your Garden of Treats

The thrill truly never stops. Solaire has opened yet another place of delight. A shout-out to sweet-tooth’s out there, Oasis has finally opened! Just by hearing the name of this great dining place, we can already expect pure bliss about to shower us.

Oasis is located at the heart of Solaire's Sky Tower. Truly, it is a depiction of paradise. The interior spells high-class and so does the service. This restaurant is highlighted by a transparent glass roof that brings life to a multihued backdrop of foliage, blooms, and cascading water features. But most importantly, no one can deny themselves of all the scrumptious desserts, sandwiches, and drinks.

The only unfortunate thing is that I was not able to taste the entire menu. It's just so hard to decide which to try first, ad which to try next. They look and sound delicious all the same. But not to worry, this is me, making a pledge to keep coming back until I ravish everything they have to offer. And why shouldn't I? I have tasted nothing but heaven on earth.

See? So don't waste time reading the rest of this and reserve your hunger next snack time at Oasis. I'm sure you'll need it, so to have room for all those delectable little things.

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